40th Anniversary Celebration of Barr Hill Preserve

The 40th Anniversary of the Barr Hill Nature Preserve is being celebrated on July 22.   The Preserve was established in December 2011, and is owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy of Vermont.

Barr Hill, which was immortalised in Wallace Stegner’s book Crossing to Safety, was donated to the Conservancy in 1972.   As the highest point in Greensboro,  there is a stunning, nearly panoramic view that sweeps from Spruce and Signal Mountains at Groton State Park to the southern Green Mountains, Woodbury Mountain, Camel’s Hump, Elmore Mountain and Mount Mansfield.   But it is its place in picnics and walks in our collective memories which makes it so special.

 The Nature Conservancy, The Greensboro Land Trust, the Greensboro Historical Society and the Northern Rivers Land Trust are cosponsoring a celebration to which everyone is invited. Festivities will start at 4:00 p.m., followed by a guided walk over the Nature Trail and then picnics at various campfire sites. To ease traffic congestion, bus transport will be provided every 15 minutes from the Barr Hill farm.


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