Caspian Challenge Kicks Off in Fine Form

Runners and walkers both young and old, ages 7 to 88, gathered at the ball field on Saturday, July 28 for the inaugural Caspian Challenge.  Many participants recalled the Caspian Run Around event held years ago and were eager to renew a tradition here in Greensboro.  Others were looking forward to a fun race in a beautiful setting.  While forty people pre-registered for the event, when the registration table opened at 8 AM, participants swamped volunteers to sign up for either the lake loop or the 5 kilometer run along Country Club Road.  By the time the dust settled, nearly 100 participants had completed one of the two races.  At the finish, racers enjoyed baked goods, beverages, and lots of comradeship.

For more photos, go to Karen Gowen photography.   Any profits from photos with go to the GA as a donation.   Thanks Karen for taking the photos!

Not having expected this many competitors, the organizers had some difficulties recording finishing times.  We apologize for any errors or omissions and are already working on improvements to the finish line in anticipation of next year’s event.   Please come out and join us in 2013!

Below are the winners in each of our categories:
Raffle Winner:                       Peggy Lipscomb
Craziest Outfit:                      Maya McCoy
Youngest Runner:                 Cormac Leahy, age 7
Oldest Runner:                      Alan Lukens, age 88
Largest Family Group:         The Philips and Connolly Families
each with 5 participants

5K Winners:
Under 15:      Charlie Connolly and Elizabeth Bennett
15-24:             Erin Mulvey
25-44:             Matissa Hollister and Jesper Holtenman
45-59:             Nancy Bennum and David Zalepa
Masters:         George Hall and Peggy Lipscomb

Lake Loop Winners:
Under 15:      No entries
15-24:             Emma Porrazzo
25-44:             Victoria Hill and Adrian Owens
45-59:             Dot Martin and Jim Flint
Masters:         John Martin

Prizes were generously provided by the following:
Willey’s Store
Hazendale Farmstand
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Yoga Light (Sophia Light Smith-Barsalow)
Connie’s Kitchen
Cassie’s Corner
Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont
Galaxy Bookshop
Jennifer Ranz
The Allen Family
Julie Porrazzo
Bien Fait
Cellars at Jasper Hill
Caledonia Spirits and Winery

Thank you as well to our volunteers and organizers: Gordon Auchinschloss, Laura Hill, Lucy Lukens, Stephanie and Linnea Osterhout, the Bennett Family, the Kehler Family, the Sowles Family, and the Porrazzo Family, as well as to the Hardwick Police Department for their assistance with traffic control.

Interested in helping to make next year’s Challenge a great success?  Contact the Greensboro Association to get involved!



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