Important News about the Greensboro Post Office

The United States Postal Service has recently sent a survey to users of the Greensboro Post Office soliciting community input to determine the best course of action for providing postal services to Greensboro.   The survey is testing whether the Greensboro Post Office will be open with 6 hours of window service each weekday, or whether the office should be discontinued.

A copy of the Postal Service survey is here.   Instructions are here.  If you have not sent in a form, please consider doing so immediately even if you are after the deadline.   The number of responses will be important as the USPS considers their decision.  Remember to list your Greensboro address on the form.

Besides the important aspect of whether the Post Office should remain open, the survey also asks for input on what the hours should be.    Daily hours can either be blocked (i.e. open 8 to 2 daily) or split (8 to 11, 1 to 4).    The efficiency and profitability of the USPS, a key factor in keeping an office open long term,  is maximized by blocked hours.     Please consider requesting blocked hours to give the Greensboro PO the best chance of remaining profitable and remaining open long term.

There will be a meeting with the US Postal Service on January 14, 2012 at 5pm at the Post Office to answer questions and provide additional information about the POST Plan.   If attendance is strong, provisions are being made to move the meeting to a larger venue.  The attendance and input from this meeting will also be used to make a final decision.

The Greensboro Post Office is only one of the sites being reviewed under a program called the POST Plan.  Further questions about the Federal POST program may be answered here.




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