Water Pipe Replacement Project

Water Pipe Replacement Project

Greensboro’s Fire District #1 (FD#1 water department) has been required by the state to replace most of its delivery pipes because of massive leaking in the system. That $3 million project is now underway.  Just to complicate matters FD#1 has also had to drill a new expensive well this winter.  We hope to have this new well #4 pumping by June, but still we may have to continue pumping emergency water from the lake through the summer.  The lake water is chlorinated before entering the system but still the state requires that we issue “Boil Water” notices when we introduce that Caspian water.  One year from now we expect the system to be providing good water very efficiently. Then for 40 years we water users pay back our federal USDA loan granted for this pipe replacement project.


For this first phase of the project Munson Earth Moving Corp won the bid over eleven other companies. They are starting by setting up temporary plastic piping through the village and mostly above ground. The next step will be to replace the line from the church, down to Willey’s, up Breezy Ave. and out to the new fire station site at the Four Corners; that part is expected to be finished by mid-June.

Water users are reminded that this is a great time to upgrade their own water pipes out to the main lines and to install a pressure reducing valve as well.  Thank you, all of Greensboro, for your patience; we will publish further updates over the next few months.

FD#1 Prudential Committee:
John Mackin, Craig Dezell, Nat Smith


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  1. Jeff Parker
    Jeff Parker says:

    John: When are they scheduled to complete installation on Black’s Point. Also, is Munson available to contract with to install upgrades from residence to the main line?

    • john mackin
      john mackin says:

      Jeff, The Black’s Point phase is scheduled for contract #2, which will go out to bid in late summer or early fall so there is no timeline yet. Munson is not pursuing service line work to my knowledge. We can give you a spec sheet on what we require for service plumbing.
      Thanks ,John


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