Selectboard forms committee to discuss parking and Willey Park plans

At their June meeting, the Selectboard decided to form a committee to look into the parking pad which has been put between the rectory and the Altman property.  The meeting was well attended by local citizens, and the general agreement was that the existing new pad is unsightly, may be too large and needs to be reworked. There were differing explanations about how the pad was authorized, who provided the gravel, and how much parking is necessary in that section of the village. According to Prudential Committee member John Mackin, Munson Engineering (who completed the water line replacement this spring) would have returned the area to grass, but was instructed to leave it as a parking area by someone from the Town, and spread gravel as requested.  That occurred in November last year.

The committee will also consider at the statutory requirement for parking in Greensboro, and is aware that there can be difficulty for the road crew in the winter to plow when there are library or church events which have people parking on the street.  The committee, which is comprised of 2 Selectboard members and a member of the Water commission, welcomes input. They will report back on the parking pad issue at the July meeting.  Comments made on this site will be sent to the committee.

The Parking area is the access to Willey Park, a section of land which was purchased by the town in the 1970’s from the Willey estate using State funds. The state grant specifically required the use of the land for recreational purposes. The Willey Park land is adjacent to the Public Beach and contains approximately 300 feet of undeveloped lakefront.

The GA has also agreed to be involved in both this committee and is considering how to help the town determine the use and plan for the Willey Park area.

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