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During 2014 the Greensboro Association was granted 501(c)(3) status as a non-for-profit organization.   This means that contributions to the Association may now be treated as tax deductible by donors to the full extent of the law.

Many of our members give donations over the years to support the GA mission.   The GA relies on our annual giving and dues each year to support programs like fireworks, Caspian Lake milfoil patrols, grants and gifts to local organizations and other areas within our mission.   We very much appreciate the generosity of our members!   Thank you.

Additionally, in 2014 the Greensboro Association Board established an additional charitable fund.   The Greensboro Association Endowment is a community fund focused on providing future, endowed support for Greensboro municipal, charitable, and natural resources needs as they are identified.   A description of this fund is available on our website.    Individuals interested in learning more about how to support future needs in Greensboro through this fund (including legacy gifts, stock transfers or other structured gifts) should contact John Stone at [email protected] or Linda Ely at [email protected].



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  1. Kent & Cathy Hansen
    Kent & Cathy Hansen says:

    We don’t think a new regulation restricting noise in the Village is needed. Currently the Lakeview Inn limits noise after a certain time at night… that seems adequate to us.

    If neighbors have issues they should talk with their neighbors to work things out – not report them to the proposed noise police.

    Kent & Cathy Hansen


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