Greensboro Association Awards Grant to Lakeview Union School for Its Farm to School Initiative


Lakeview Union

Eric Erwin, principal of Lakeview Union School displays the grant check for $1,115 from the Greensboro Association for Lakeview Union’s Farm to School program. On his right is Ryann Collins, Green Mountain Farm to School coordinator, and on his left is Victoria Von Hessert, Greensboro Associations Events Committee Chair.

Earlier this month, the Greensboro Association awarded the proceeds from the Caspian Challenge Run this past July to the Lakeview Union School. The grant for $1,115 will benefit Lakeview’s Farm to School initiative, with a particular focus on container gardening. The initiative aims to teach students about healthy foods (with an emphasis on growing and preparing your own vegetables), nutrition, and local agriculture and stewardship. Through its partnership with the Green Mountain Farm to School Program, Lakeview will use the funds to introduce a unit on container gardening to approximately 35 older students at Lakeview who live in apartments or other housing that lacks garden space. At a time when good nutrition supplied by a garden is critical for student success, many families lack the financial resources to invest in the re-usable containers, potting soil, seeds, and other supplies to begin and sustain container gardens. This grant can make a positive and long-term impact on the lives of Greensboro students and their families.

The Greensboro Association Events Committee organized and sponsored the Caspian Lake Challenge Run in July to fund this program. We thank all the participants of the run who made this grant possible.

For more information on the Lakeview Farm to School initiative, contact one of the following:

Eric Erwin
Lakeview Union School
[email protected]

Ryann Collins
Green Mountain Farm to School
[email protected]


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