Our Communication Approach

The Association’s communications approach strives to keep our members informed and facilitate a constructive dialog on important issues.

While I am confident that all our residents want what is best for Greensboro, as with every community, there are diverse views on what “best” looks like. Recent developments for the Circus Camp and now plans for the theater represent major changes and have polarized residents. How will the Greensboro change with these projects? What will the impact be to our town services and tax burdens? Are these projects sustainable in the long term? Will these initiatives enhance or detract from what we value most about Greensboro? Naturally these questions are legitimate and should be considered by the community.

Our Association stands for the  principles embodied in our mission which has evolved its initial primary focus on lake environmental protection to a broader focus on both the lake and the Greensboro community.

Our mission is to conceive, advance, and support village initiatives and organizations that enhance our community and to protect Caspian Lake and its surrounding environment for both full and part-time residents of the town of Greensboro.

The Greensboro Association Board of Trustees agreed an approach and policies for communications using a range of channels, including letters, emails, website updates (articles and blog ‘news’ posts) and social media posts (primarily Facebook Page and Group). We seek to stay relevant and true to our mission, while recognizing the diversity of views within our membership. We determined that our role is to foster awareness and facilitate conversation.

So what is our communications approach? Our aim is to facilitate understanding and awareness and provide members with a forum for discussion.

  • We are an entirely a volunteer team and not a professional news organization, but we strive to communicate and share news items that are of interest to our members.
  • We seek to avoid expressing a particular opinion on these matters unless expressly agreed by the board and consistent with our mission and role in the community. We recognize that our board, like the community, represent different points of view on what is best for Greensboro.
  • We encourage constructive dialog and discussion via blog comments and on social media (primarily the Facebook Group).
  • As is typical of most discussion forums, we review blog comments before they are published. Our goal is to publish all comments made by our members, but we reserve the right to not publish a comment that we perceive as inappropriate. A comment is inappropriate if it includes a personal attack or insult or uses inappropriate language.
  • The comments made on blog articles / posts that are published on the website or on social media do not represent the views of the Association. These comments represent the view of the individual commenter.


Please share feedback on our approach and policies. You can comment here on this post and you can reach out to me directly or any member of our Communications Committee with your views.



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