2016 Greensboro Association Annual Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting of the Greensboro Association covered a range of topics. We approved the budget for next year and elected a new slate of Officers, which you can find here: https://www.greensboroassociation.org/about/board-of-trustees/.

John Schweizer and Stewart Arnold spoke about their efforts to work with the State to curb future ice and water damage to shoreline properties. This is an ongoing project and we’ll keep you informed of its progress.

Susan Wood provided an update from our Select Board about town happenings. She explained that the proposed ban on temporary signage was abandoned. There has been some repair accomplished to the sidewalks along Breezy Avenue.   The town sold the old fire station and also purchased new equipment for road upkeep and maintenance. In addition, the Select Board will be working on planning for long range infrastructure improvement, as well as long-range planning for the upkeep and maintenance of town-owned property. Sue also shared that recycling regulations will be changing, and the town may have to move the recycling center to a new location or perhaps build a new facility. Final regulations for regulations have not been passed, so the needs are still unclear. In addition, the town will be conducting speed studies to better understand speeding issues in certain parts of town. Finally, the stump dump is full and is now closed to the public.

We also had an opportunity to celebrate Andy and Judy Dales, 2016’s recipients of the Greensboro Award. For a chance to learn more about their contributions to Greensboro, watch this video, kindly provided by Andy and Judy’s son, Cameron Dales: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir43Uej_Q78

Chief Aaron Cochran of the Hardwick Police shared statistics on incidents in Greensboro during the past year. We also had an opportunity to meet the department’s new canine. Chief Cochran reported increases in criminal offenses in 2015, a decrease in domestic violence incidents, and that the number of reported burglaries in Greensboro was the same as 2014. Chief Cochran also fielded questions about the drug problem in our area.

Finally, Joe Wood provided an update on work of the Planning Commission. The town will work with a consultant for 18 months to complete the process of redrafting the town plan. The survey circulated earlier this summer garnered approximately 400 responses, of which 250 were from part-time residents and 150 from full-time residents. The data from the surveys is still under review and will be made available shortly.

We will continue to keep you updated on happenings in Greensboro throughout the coming year, and we hope you’ll join us for next year’s annual meeting!

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