Melanie Clarke Named Chair of Highland Center for the Arts Board


Melanie Clarke, a long time summer resident of Greensboro, has been named Chair of the Board of the Highland Center for the Arts, as well as the chair of its Artistic Programming Committee. Melanie joins existing HCAT board members Adelaide Murphy Tyrol, Elizabeth and Andrew Brown, and Greensboro resident MacNeil on the Center’s board. To learn more about Melanie and her long career in the arts and nonprofit management, visit

September 2 was the last date for Friday afternoon tours of the arts facility. HCAT will be hosting an end-of-season cookout and tour on Saturday, September 17. They will be serving hamburgers, hots dogs, and drinks. This is a rain or shine event, and there is no fee. The festivities begin at noon, and tours will begin at 1 PM.

Please remember that as the Center is an active construction site, visitors can only come during scheduled tours and must follow safety protocols as outlined by the building’s contractors. Closed toe shoes are mandatory and long pants are encouraged.

If you missed the chance for a tour in August, RSVP to this event by email at [email protected], or leave a message at 533-9075.

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  1. Robert Twiss
    Robert Twiss says:

    It astounds me that Sabra Jones is not at least on the board for the Highland Center for the Arts, if indeed not the head of it! It was her original vision to bring theater and a center for the literary arts, and this year even opera, to Greensboro; she has worked tirelessly for a decade to bring that vision to reality; it was to help her realize that vision that the theater was originally conceived and funded; and it was she, with her son Charles MacAteer, who spent something like five years planning, designing, getting all the required approvals and permits for the theater, and getting the building started.

    Now, in a move that seems to have been completely ignored by the local news media, it appears that she is being pushed aside, and the person with the money appears to be trying to take over her vision from her. What a stab in the back! How ungrateful and unfair! I hope she can continue to implement her vision, with or without the Highland Center, and that the Greensboro community will continue to support her as a sign of its gratefulness for what she has almost single-handedly brought to the community, and for all the support she has generated for other organizations in Greensboro. She and Charles and Lilly MacAteer are truly devoted and dedicated parts of the Greensboro community.


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