Swim the Kingdom Week returns to Greensboro and Caspian Lake

Kingdom Games is returning to Greensboro and Caspian Lake for the final leg of their Swim the Kingdom Week on Sunday, August 20.  Twenty-five swimmers are already signed up to swim. Event sponsor Kingdom Games has lowered the cost of the swim to $50 and local swimmers in the Orleans, Essex, and Caledonia counties can do this swim with a 50% discount.

If any of you have some time you can give to the day, Kingdom Games could use additional boats to support swimmers if needed. Every swimmer is escorted by a kayak. As in previous years, swimmers leave the beach at 9, swim to Bathtub Rocks and return. A couple of folks may want to shuttle back to the beach.

Organizer Phil White brings his boat to each lake they swim, but with the increased numbers, they would appreciate the assistance of a few more boats. They should be done by about 1 pm.

If you can help with boat support, please contact Phil White at Kingdom Games through the website below. Registration information for the swim is also available below.


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