The Greensboro Historical Society invites you to view their online interviews and presentations

During this time of Social Isolation, after you have taken your solo outdoor walk, your closets and drawers are neat and clean, and you’ve finished every jigsaw puzzle in your home, you might enjoy this web site:  If you missed the program by Linda Radtke on March 1st at Fellowship Hall, “From the Parlor to the Polling Place —Stories from the Suffragists”, you will find it here.  (Did you know that 60 Greensboro women signed up to vote at their first opportunity, in the 1920 Presidential Election?)

The video of the Greensboro Town Meeting on March 3rd is there, as are two recent summer programs by Bobby Farlace-Rubio of the Fairbanks Museum: “The First Vermonters: Indigenous Peoples“ and “Abenaki Nations Past, Present and Future.” Did you miss hearing Janet Long, Tim Nisbet, Anne Hanson, and Jacquie Molleur speak about “The History of Greensboro Garages”  or the entertaining talk by Steve Perkins, Director of the Vt. Historical Society, “Treasures from the VHS attic?  Check them out…

Kyle Gray’s chat with our oldest citizen, 103-year-old Jane Sprenger, is a delight, as are audio tapes with past citizens including Philip Gray with Esther Kesselman, Laurette and Ida Perron, and Donald Drown (under “Research Aids”)

The GHS is indebted to Kyle both for recording these videos and for making our web site a fun place to visit.  We hope you will enjoy it!

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