Community Relief Fund Update – April 13, 2020

April 12, 2020


On Sunday April 5, after a week of meetings, the Greensboro Association (GA) formed the Community Relief Fund and launched its campaign to raise funds to financially support local organizations on the front line of the Corona Virus battle.  The GA chose to focus grants on organizations that address extraordinary medical, food and transportation needs due to the pandemic.

An ad hoc committee staffed by treasurer Rick Lovett, Fund for Greensboro chair Becky Arnold and grants chairman John Schweizer in consultation with Tim Nisbet, Mike Metcalf and other members of the Greensboro-Stannard Emergency Response Team, was directed to identify and vet front-line community organizations and speed funding to them.

The ad hoc group identified the five following organizations and delivered their first relief checks on April 11.

  • Greensboro Nursing Home
  • Hardwick Area Food Pantry
  • Craftsbury Community Care Center
  • Hardwick Area Health Center
  • Hardwick Rescue Squad

Each organization is experiencing a downturn in revenues and funding while experiencing an increase in a demand for their essential services.  GA Relief funds will be used to purchase unbudgeted protective gear for their staff and clients plus necessary supplies and extra staffing to support their services.

Going forward, our ad hoc committee foresees the pandemic and its repercussions extending through the summer and fall.  Therefore, continuing financial support from the GA and community members will be essential to continue the battle.


John Schweizer

Chair-GA Grants

[email protected]

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