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Vermont State Senate Shoreland Protection Bill Update

The Vermont Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee has unanimously sent H 526, The Shoreland Protection Bill, to the Vermont Senate for a vote. The Town of Greensboro is urging property owners and others who have interest in this legislation to contact their representatives – see the Town website for more details. More information on […]

Should the Circus Smirkus camp in Greensboro be allowed to proceed?

The July Greensboro zoning approval for construction of a summer camp by Circus Smirkus on Breezy Avenue in 2014 has been appealed by a group of local landowners to Vermont Superior Court.   The appeal seeks to overturn Town zoning approval of the camp and delay or prevent the camp from proceeding.  Circus Smirkus’ original application, permit, and appeal documents are […]

New proposed Greensboro zoning for Caspian Lakeshore property is under consideration – New rules may be effective March 2014

The Greensboro Planning Commission is working on proposed changes to the Greensboro Zoning Bylaw which governs the Caspian Lakeshore district.  The Commission plans to present the new zoning rules at Town Meeting in March 2014, and if voted in they will become effective as of that meeting. An excellent comparison of the proposed zoning to […]

Water Line Replacement Project Status – August 2013

July found the Munson crew finishing the Lauredon line. There is now a fire hydrant directly opposite the elementary school.  They then proceeded to cross East Craftsbury Road and run up Perron’s fields to the reservoir for the longest and steepest uninterrupted run of 12” pipe(.6 mi.).   In August, temporary piping was placed, flushed, and connected […]

GA Members Vote to Accept Amended Bylaws at Annual Meeting

The GA Annual Meeting was held on Friday, August 9 at the UCC.  We were delighted to celebrate Helen Dimick, this years Greensboro Award winner. Helen was introduced by Warren Hill, chair of the Greensboro Selectboard, who joined speakers from the Greensboro Association as well as Robbie Hurst from Willey’s and Ed LeClair of Circus […]

New State Regulations for Lake Shoreland Protection are under consideration – will supersede Local Greensboro Zoning ordinances

A new state law, H.526, is being considered by the State Senate to provide a state regulation of all Vermont waters, including Caspian Lake.  The bill has already been passed by the State House of Representatives.  It requires that no cleared area, impervious surface, or disturbance could be created on undeveloped shoreland within 100 feet of the mean […]

Great Concert on Sunday Afternoon

Banjo Dan and Willy Lindner and the Sky Blue Boys played a great concert on Sunday afternoon in the Greensboro barn owned by the Ranz family.   The sounds of guitar, mandolin and banjo filled the barn which was festooned with fairy lights, and the weather outside went from rain, to sun, to rain again!   Young and […]

Caspian Challenge is a Big Success!

The Caspian Challenge was terrific – we had over 80 runners/walkers on a stunning summer morning…thanks to Victoria VonHessert and all her volunteers for doing all of the work to organize it!  The results can be found here.  

Sunday Music on the Lake

2013 marks the 68th season of Lake Concerts on Sundays in the on Caspian Lake.   Recently I remarked that I had been up to the concert in my canoe the night before and how lovely it had been.   One of the other woman remarked that she would love to go, but didn’t really know where […]

Proposed Amendments to the GA Articles of Association and Bylaws

The Association’s Articles of Association were adopted in 1934 and have never been amended, and the Association’s By-Laws were last amended in 2003. In the course of reviewing the Association’s documents for tax-exempt 501(c)(3) purposes, an “ad hoc” committee has also proposed changes to adapt the provisions to current practices.  Attorneys Day Patterson and Bob […]

Summer News in Greensboro

Summer is in full swing in Greensboro.   Please check the Green Sheet for listings of various activities and dates/times during July and August.  There is something for everyone. Theater     2013 season of the Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency Music Caspian Monday Music Summer Music from Greensboro The Craftsbury Chamber Players The Sky Blue […]

Circus Smirkus Camp Zoning Hearing is Scheduled

The Town zoning board will hold a hearing on June 19 regarding the application for Circus Smirkus to locate a children’s camp in the Village.  Information including the zoning application can be found on the Town of Greensboro website, https://www.greensborovt.org/  

2013 Funky Fourth Celebrations on July 6

Don’t miss Greensboro’s Independence Day festivities. Events include the Funky Fourth parade on July 6 beginning at 10:00 a.m., music and games in front of the town hall after the parade, the book sale at the Greensboro Free Library, the UCC chicken barbecue, (contact UCC for tickets, [email protected]) and the free Fireworks display at the Four […]

2013 Spring Newsletter

Click here to read the 2013 Spring Newsletter! Lots of news and information about upcoming  events in Greensboro.  Thank you to Niall Kirkwood, our Newsletter Editor.

Water Pipe Replacement Project

Water Pipe Replacement Project Greensboro’s Fire District #1 (FD#1 water department) has been required by the state to replace most of its delivery pipes because of massive leaking in the system. That $3 million project is now underway.  Just to complicate matters FD#1 has also had to drill a new expensive well this winter.  We […]

Caspian Challenge 2013

5K Run  5K Walk  6.8 mile loop…something for everyone! Join us on July 27 for a morning of community support for Greensboro’s natural treasure: Caspian Lake! Proceeds from the run this year will go toward the Greensboro Association’s Lake Protection Fund in 2013. The primary aim of the fund is to provide milfoil and other […]

Water Project

The 2013 Summer season will be busy with the upcoming Water Line Project.  Click  here for updates and information about the project on the official town of Greensboro website.