Dear Fellow Members,

March greetings from the Greensboro Association Board!  As you know, our mission is to conceive, advance and support village initiatives that enhance our community, and to protect Caspian Lake and its surrounding environment.  This year, we were delighted to encourage the development of the first annual Tour de Greensboro 25K non-competitive ski tour on Greensboro’s public trail network and private trails not usually open to the public.  This event filled up quickly with 100 enthusiastic skiers who were very pleased with the last minute date change from a frigid Saturday to a pleasant 50 degrees warmer on Sunday February 6!  We were honored to be the recipient of funds raised in this event, spearheaded by Jim Fredericks, and have earmarked the $1400+ in proceeds for reinvestment into better ski experiences on Greensboro’s Nordic ski trails.

The Board has also been busy monitoring the development of new wake boating rules which will govern most of Vermont’s beautiful lakes.  We have been actively advocating for a slow approach, following the science of the impact these larger horsepower boats are having on lake environments, including invasive species in the bilge tanks, shoreline erosion, phosphorus release from lake bottoms, disturbance of nesting wildlife, and unexpected/dangerous disruptions for kayakers, canoers, paddle boarders, swimmers and anglers. Please stay tuned; we will keep our members posted through email, our website, and Facebook.

Keep an eye out for your Greensboro Association dues renewal notice, which will arrive in your in-box on March 26. We are proud to report that our member numbers remain steady at 368, slightly higher than they were in 2018.  We would like all our members to renew, and to encourage the next adult generation in their households to join, as well as their friends and neighbors in Greensboro and Greensboro Bend.  Please send us their contact information if possible—we would love to involve them in our mission, and keep them informed about the community, the lake and Greensboro activities and events!  We are also grateful to those members who have made donations to the Fund For Greensboro: the Lake Fund, the Endowment Fund, and the Unrestricted Fund.  We continue to cover our operating costs with dues revenue, and are pleased to have been able to support so many worthwhile non-profit organizations and events in and around Greensboro. We will be supporting Greensboro’s Funky Fourth parade and celebration (July 1) out of our Unrestricted Funds. 

Finally, please join me in thanking your volunteer Board of Trustees, who work tirelessly to make a positive impact on our community and lake environment.  Current members through August 2023 include Allison Stegner, Becky Arnold, Eric Hanson, Havilah Stewart Mann, JoAnn Hanowski, John Schweizer, John Stone, Karen Gowen, Mary White, Meaghan Meachem, Mike Metcalf, Naomi Ranz-Scheifer, Rick Lovett, Rob Hurst, Sara Slater, Stew Arnold, and Vince Cubbage.

Please mark your calendar for the Greensboro Association’s Annual meeting on August 3, 2023 at 4pm.

Cathy Irwin
Greensboro Association President