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Vermont State House of Representatives – Vicki Strong and Sam Young

Vermont State Senate – John Rodgers and Robert Starr

Greensboro Selectmen: Andy Kehler, Michael Lapierre, Matt McAllister, Peter Romans, Susan Wood (Chair)

Clerk: Josh Karp   Moderator: Tim Nisbet   Town Clerk: Kim Greaves   Treasurer: Barbara Brooke

Tax Collector: Kim Greaves      Collector of Delinquent Taxes: Janet Long

Trustees of Public Funds: Peggy Lipscomb, Sherral Lumsden, Lorraine Tolman

Town Agent: David Smith, Jr.    Town Grand Juror: David Smith, Jr.

Constables: 1st – Richard Walsh; 2nd – Mark Snyder

Assessor: Stearns Allen       Notaries Public: Town Hall

Town Service Officer: Peggy Lipscomb

Justices of the Peace: Bridget Collier, William Eisner, Jr., Donna Jenckes, Michael Metcalf, Tim Nisbet

Greensboro Fire District Number One (Water Commission): Prudential Committee: Craig Dezell, John Mackin, Nat Smith

Collector of Water Rents: Bill Eisner, Jr.

Fire Chief: Dave Brochu, Jr. Asst. Fire Chief: Rod Kerr; 2nd Asst. Fire Chief: Doug Casavant; Captain: Art Brochu; Lieutenants: John Kerr, Melissa Moffatt

Forest Fire Wardens: Patsy Mercier

Health Officer: Marsha Gadoury       Deputy Health Officer: Christine Armstrong

Civil Defense: Erwin Salls, Jr.

Emergency Planning Committee: Andy Dales, Michael Lapierre, Tim Nisbet,

Eric Pilbin, Anne Stevens (Chair), Wayne Young

Road Foreman: Tom Camarra        Animal Control Officer: Kevin Rich

Cemetery Commission: MacNeil, Patsy Mercier, Wayne Young

  1. K. Waste Management District Rep.: Ken Johnston

Zoning Administrator: Audrey DeProspero

Development Review Board: B.J. Gray (1nd Alt), MacNeil, Linda Romans, Nat Smith (Vice Chair), Janet Travers (2 Alt), Jane Woodruff (Chair), Wayne Young, Lee Wright

Planning Commission: Christine Armstrong, Ellen Celnik, David Miltenberger (Vice Chair), Dan Predpall (Chair), Audrey DeProspero (ex-officio)

Recreation Commission: Erika Karp, Michelle Laflam, Kristen Leahy, John Schweitzer

Conservation Commission: Clive Gray (Clerk), Erika Karp (Chair), Dave Kelley, Kristen Leahy, Linda Shatney

Tree Warden: Cilla Smith

Energy Coordinator:

Energy Committee: Sr. Bernadette Bostwick, Judy Carpenter, Valerie Carter,

Cheryl Fisher, Clive Gray, Erika Karp, Nancy Potak, Peter Romans (Chair), Mark Snyder, Anne Stevens

Grange Building Committee: Rob Brigham, Judy Dales, Ted Donlon (Chair), Valdine Hall (Treasurer), Robbie Hurst

Recycling Committee: Christine Armstrong, Stew Arnold (Clerk), Ken Breitmeyer, Judy Carpenter (Chair), Ken Johnston, Peter Romans

Caspian Lake Beach Committee: Tom Guare (Chair), Ila Hunt, and Bethany Warner,

Librarian: Mary Metcalf; Asst. Librarian: Debbie Kasper; Youth Svcs.: Emily Purdy

Library Trustees: Lise Armstrong, Becky Arnold, Harold Gray (Chair),Virginia LaPierre, Carol Reynolds, Stephanie Thomson Alternates: Rosann Hickey Cook, John Miller

School Directors – Lakeview Union: Robert Hurst, John Miller (Vice-Chair), Jenn Davis, Rose Modry (Clerk), Dylan LaFlam, Victoria Von Hessert (Chair), John Moffatt

School Directors – Greensboro School Board: Carolyn Kehler, Jerilyn Virden, MacNeil

School Directors – Hazen Union: Mike Metcalf, Jefferson Tolman