The Greensboro Association Lake Rental Guidelines

Lake Rental Guidelines 2016 (Word Document)

The following guidelines help homeowners and renters better protect, enjoy and respect Caspian Lake, its environment, and neighbors. A written rental agreement can include the following points. Owners should not rent to any person or family who violates the conditions set in your agreement.


  • Environmental Sensitivity: Owners should read and also share the “50 Ways to Protect Caspian Lake” document with all renters so they can better understand their potential impact on the lake environment.
  • Number of Occupants: The number of occupants during the rental period should not exceed the capacity of the home and in particular its septic system. Renters should notify owners in advance regarding extra persons, such as guests, who may be visiting for short periods of time, including those camping out in tents. No condition should be created whereby occupants will overload the number of bedrooms, water supply and septic system.
  • Liability Insurance: Owners are liable for certain renter behavior and should consider adequate homeowners and liability insurance covering renters.
  • Noise: The sensitivity and location of neighbors should be considered. Evening activities involving noise that could disturb neighbors should end by 10 PM and no noise in the morning before 8 AM.
  • Pets: Pets should be brought only with prior permission. All pets should be properly tagged and be inoculated against communicable diseases, including rabies. Pets should be kept under control at all times and should not be allowed to run free outside of the immediate property. Owners away from the residence should not tether dogs outside where they can bark and disturb neighbors.
  • Boats and Boat Inspections: All boats must be inspected and all boats coming from lakes infected with Eurasian milfoil, zebra mussels or water chestnuts must be thoroughly washed before being launched. Large boats should be launched only from the public beach access. Large motorboats are discouraged due to noise and pollution. Personal watercraft including jet skis are prohibited on Caspian Lake. Renters who want to moor their boats in front of the residence must obtain permission from the property owner. The Greensboro Association has published a brochure that summarizes the Vermont boating laws and regulations that apply to Caspian Lake, which should be given to all renters.
  • Motor Vehicles and Speed: The maximum number of motor vehicles should be specified and should be parked in an assigned area. Slow speeds should be maintained particularly on driveways and access roads.
  • Shoreline Path, Property Rights/Rights of Way: The shoreline path around the lake has been a long-standing tradition and the Greensboro Association encourages owners to respect this tradition and for walkers to also respect each owner’s property rights. Renters and guests enjoying a right-of-way to the lake for swimming or other purposes should respect the privacy of property owners and an adult should attend young children when the right-of-way is exercised.
  • Repairs and Emergencies: Owners should leave a list of emergency numbers for fire, police, and ambulance together with service providers familiar with the property.