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For much of the last 90 years, Caspian Lake protection has been a primary focus of the Association, and our membership reflected this focus. Many of our members were property owners around the lake. While watershed and lake protection continues to be an important priority, we continue to deepen our commitment toward important Greensboro initiatives. If your interests lie in community events and activities, watershed and environmental protection, or supporting needs in the community, the Greensboro Association’s mission is aligned with your interests.


Membership dues are $25.00 per year.  Dues and additional contributions support the important mission. As an all-volunteer-run organization, our costs are minimal, and dues and contributions are channeled toward grants and initiatives.

We support initiatives and programs that the Greensboro community has identified as the important priorities. These include lake watershed protection as well as community initiatives. We also organize and sponsor community events, including the Funky Fourth, Caspian Challenge, Sailboat Racing, and the Tour de Greensboro classic skiing event.

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