Hardwick Select Board meets with Vermont State Fish and Game to discuss sale of Caspian Public Beach

There is a meeting this Thursday, December 6 at Hardwick Town Hall 6:30PM on Dec. 6th to discuss a possible sale of the Caspian Lake Public Beach by the Town of Hardwick to the Vermont State Fish and Game Department.    The Vermont State Fish and Game department is interested in buying the “Beach” and Hardwick is interested in a potential sale given the recent decision of the State of Vermont to assess property taxes on the beach.

The beach has belonged to the Town of Hardwick for decades, and has been considered a tax exempt property by Greensboro.   Last year, the State of Vermont decided the property was subject to tax assessment and Greensboro presented a bill to Hardwick.   The payment of the tax has been subject to legal challenge and discussion since that change of status.  Selling to VT Fish and Game is one potential option to the Town of Hardwick.

There are multiple possible questions about a sale to VTF&G, including what price, whether the property will be exempt from state taxes, and to what extent the VTF&G could change the beach – including changing lake level, dredging the boat ramp to accommodate larger boats on the lake (with the potential for noise increases and more potential for invasive species), limits on eradicating geese on the beach, etc.  The Greensboro Association is following the discussions, and would appreciate opinions from anyone who attends the meeting as to the above points and any others.

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