The State of Vermont, through the Agency of Commerce and Community, is maintaining a webpage specifically related to interstate travel and quarantine requirements for Vermonters and for visitors to Vermont in the time of Covid-19.   This information is available at ACCD.VERMONT.GOV  and is accurate.

All visitors to the Greensboro area and to Vermont should check that website before arrival to see what quarantine requirements and restrictions are in place.   Additionally, visitors and out of state residents should monitor the Town of Greensboro website for town related specific advice from the Greensboro Stannard Emergency Response Team.

We will continue to update the GA site for specific Greensboro related information as well.


  • If you have health related questions, please contact Town Health Officers: Karl Stein 533-2379 or Christine Armstrong ‭(802) 363-8500‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
  • If you need assistance making arrangements for food or medication pick up, please call Cilla Bonnie-Smith 533-2357
  • Emergency Health Rescue Team Contact: Tim Nisbet 533-7727
  • For updated information regarding local services and COVID-19 Response, continue to visit this website and/or contact Greensboro Town Clerk, Kim Greaves at 533-2911.

The Town of Greensboro says thank you to our neighbors and visitors here

POSTED JULY 24   Governor Phil Scott has issued an order requiring people in Vermont to cover their faces when in public.   This mask mandate is effective August 1, 2020.  More details here

POSTED JULY 2   Town of Greensboro and Greensboro Stannard Emergency Response Team post regarding visiting Greensboro over July 4th

POSTED JUNE 26 Update on New Work Safe Additions to the Be Smart/Stay Safe order. – CROSS STATE TRAVEL   Vermont has further loosened quarantine requirements for visitors who can travel to Vermont in their personal vehicle without stopping and who have quarantined in their home state.  The map of counties which are now considered low risk has been expanded to include counties throughout the Northeast, the Northern seaboard, and Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Here is the direct link to the Cross State Travel Map Updated June 26, 2020

POSTED JUNE 12 Update on New Work Safe Additions to the Be Smart/Stay Safe order.   Vermont has further loosened quarantine requirements for visitors who can drive to Vermont in their personal vehicle without stopping and who have quarantined in their home state.  New quarantine guidelines.

POSTED JUNE 5 – Update on New Work Safe Additions to the Be Smart/Stay Safe order.  Vermont has loosened its quarantine requirements for residents of specific counties in the states adjoining Vermont who will drive to Vermont. The 14 day quarantine remains in effect for all others arriving in Vermont at this time. Cross State Travel Map

POSTED MAY 30 –  Update on New Work Safe Additions to the Be Smart/Stay Safe order    Non-essential travel continues to be restricted to and from Vermont from adjacent states and subject to mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Vermont. Leisure travel to Vermont – either for the day or overnight – remains prohibited unless the traveler self-quarantines for 14 days in Vermont.  Some easing of rules for children’s overnight camps and other closer contact business have been announced.  

POSTED MAY 19 – Stay Home Stay Safe FAQs for Business Owners   “Is my private rental Property(Airbnb etc) considered to be a lodging establishment under the Executive Order?”

POSTED MAY 19 – Town of Greensboro information update for residents and visitors in Greensboro.

POSTED MAY 15 – Updates to Stay Home/Stay Safe order (including rentals – section 6.1).   


Greetings, Neighbors!   As summer approaches in this extraordinary year, we know many of us are anticipating travel to Greensboro and Vermont.   The following information will help you plan your return this year, particularly in light of the current requirement for travelers from other states to quarantine at home for 14 days after arriving in Vermont. 

Vermont’s approach to Covid 19 is rapidly changing, so we strongly suggest that you check for the most current information available from these Press Releases from the Governor  and the advice from the Office of the Governor on Covid 19.

AT THIS TIME, returning Vermonters should be aware of the following orders.   These orders have been extended from May 15, 2020 to September 15, 2020.   

1) The STAY HOME/STAY SAFE order issued by the Governor which asks residents to limit their activities.  What Stay Home, Stay Safe means for Vermonters

2) The EXECUTIVE ORDER effective March 30, 2020, issued by the Governor which institutes a Quarantine requirement for people traveling to or returning to Vermont from other states.  This requires all travelers to Vermont from other states* to self-quarantine at home when they arrive in Vermont for 14 days.   Importantly, this requires residents to quarantine as well if they leave the state for more than one day for any reason other than limited essential reasons.   On May 12, Vermont announced the availability of Covid-19 testing once you have been in Vermont for seven days.  If your test is negative you can end your quarantine period.  Testing locations and registration

For specific guidance, the State has prepared this document  What is required for isolation, quarantine and self-observation

*During June, the State of Vermont has amended restrictions to allow residents from specific counties in New England and Eastern Seaboard states plus Pennsylvania and Ohio have been allowed to enter Vermont without a quarantine period.   See this map for which counties are included.  The quarantine period remains in effect for all other visitors.

We Will Support You!

It is clear that those returning to Greensboro will need the support of neighbors and friends in the first two weeks after arriving as they comply with the quarantine restrictions.   The Greensboro town website has important information about the Greensboro Emergency Response Team and the robust efforts to support our entire Greensboro family during this time.   Local volunteers are available to assist with home delivery of supplies, groceries, medicine, and other requirements when you are quarantining during the first 14 days.  Please refer to the Town Website section “For Immediate Needs” to arrange assistance with deliveries and other needs.

As of mid August,  The Willey’s Store  is open to the public, but a limited number of customers may enter at one time.   There is a queue in place for entrance and customers must wear masks and be 6 feet away from each other.   the Craftsbury General Store is not open to the public.   In both places you can place orders either online or via phone for pickup.  Delivery can be arranged with Willey’s Store.  Payment will be taken by credit card over the phone.  Smith’s Grocery is also open for business and is open to the public.   Some area restaurants are beginning to offer a dine-in option, but most continue to be take out only – call specific restaurants to inquire about their status.  Area businesses have been allowed to reopen in some cases, but you should call ahead to see if they are allowing in store shopping.  

And finally, the use of masks is strongly encouraged!

 For further information: