The Greensboro Association’s New Mission and Vision Statements

In honor of our 90th year as an organization, the Greensboro Association Board of Trustees recently conducted a strategic review and planning process to guide us to 100 years and beyond. As part of that review, we revisited the Greensboro Association’s Vision and Mission statements, which we are delighted to share with you:
Our Mission is to advance initiatives that connect and enhance our greater Greensboro community, protect our lakes and environment, and support a vibrant local economy.
We envision that the Greensboro Association will be an essential connector within our greater Greensboro community and an example throughout Vermont for what we achieve through community collaboration and environmental stewardship.
These updated statements reflect our sustained focus on both environmental and community needs. We recognize that Greensboro exists within an interconnected community, ecosystem, and economy. To be a part of ensuring a vibrant Greensboro for generations to come we must continue to engage our greater Greensboro community in all that we do.
The Greensboro Association has long supported organizations and efforts that provide important community services and engaging programming for our residents and visitors alike. We have worked to protect Caspian Lake and its surrounding environment for generations, expanding efforts to include the entire watershed of all our lakes, rivers, and streams. We continue to find ways to forge connections between neighbors and build relationships that span generations. This is fundamental to the work we do and the community we envision in the years to come. We hope you join us on this journey!
As we celebrate 90 years of mission-driven work, we look forward to collaborating with you all as we bring this vision to life. We are an all-volunteer, member-based organization and consistent with our vision, encourage all full and part-time residents of Greensboro who support this mission to contribute their voices and become members of the Greensboro Association.