Information for Travelers Arriving in Vermont

NOV 11 Update


With holidays approaching and COVID cases rising in Vermont and nationwide, the State of Vermont has issued a mandatory quarantine for anyone traveling into or returning to Vermont.

Governor Scott notes that universal quarantine is particularly critical to observe as we approach the holiday season, as travel and indoor gatherings central to the season are the two biggest contributors to the spread of COVID 19.

The State discourages non-essential travel, and is advocating for virtual holiday celebrations.

Quarantine is defined as 14 days on one’s own property.  If you haven’t had any symptoms of COVID-19, you may also have the option to seek a PCR test on or after Day 7 to end quarantine early with a negative result.

Locally, this means Willey’s and area stores, library and post offices are OFF LIMITS to anyone in quarantine.  The Greensboro Stannard Emergency Response Team will reinstitute the delivery system so successful previously in helping people get supplies and meet needs.

Please note that according to the State Department of Health, the only reliable test is the PCR test, given 5-7 days after exposure, NOT the COVID rapid test.   PCR tests are available locally at Kinney Drug in Morrisville and area pop up sites (more information to be provided as these are established).  Copley Hospital will also administer tests, but only with a doctor’s order.  Turn around time is generally 2-3 days. Any tests taken before arrival in Vermont at this time are not valid reasons to avoid quarantine.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Vermont State Department of Health link provided here:

As always, mask-wearing, social distancing, and hand sanitizing are essential measures to limiting the spread of COVID-19.   May we all stay safe, and have a healthy holiday season.

OCT 27 Update

Please refer to ACCD.VERMONT.GOV which is updated and accurate.

All visitors to the Greensboro area and to Vermont should check that website before arrival to see what quarantine requirements and restrictions are in place.   Additionally, visitors and out of state residents should monitor the Town of Greensboro website for town related specific advice from the Greensboro Stannard Emergency Response Team.

We will continue to update the GA site for specific Greensboro related information as well.


  • If you have health related questions, please contact Town Health Officers: Karl Stein 533-2379 or Christine Armstrong ‭(802) 363-8500‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
  • If you need assistance making arrangements for food or medication pick up, please call Cilla Bonnie-Smith 533-2357
  • Emergency Health Rescue Team Contact: Tim Nisbet 533-7727
  • For updated information regarding local services and COVID-19 Response, continue to visit this website and/or contact Greensboro Town Clerk, Kim Greaves at 533-2911.