The Greensboro Association 2015 President’s Report July 29, 2015


The real work of The Greensboro Association is performed in Committees and I wanted to extend a thank you to committee members for their efforts on behalf of our members.


Last year, we established the Fund for Greensboro Endowment, which included a change in status to 501c(3). This was a significant effort and highlighted at last year’s meeting. Two of our members not only have been instrumental in the effort, but have also made the first donations to the Capital Fund. I wanted to thank Clay Simpson for spearheading this effort over the last several years and John Schweizer for assuming the leadership going forward. I want to thank them both for their generous donations to establish the Fund. Many members have also made or are planning donations and we thank you. As we develop the Fund, we encourage a broad level of participation from our members, both in annual donations and, in particular, with capital gifts that will help sustain the Association’s impact over the long term to support vital initiatives for Greensboro.

Niall Kirkwood served as the President when I joined the board is stepping down this year as his travel schedule increasingly brings him away from Greensboro. Niall has been orchestrating our Winter Newsletter, leading as a Vice President of the Association and serving on the Grants Committee.


Andy Dales always deserves special mention as the heart and soul of the Board of Trustees, overseeing the Lake Protection and being our eyes, ears, hands and feet in Greensboro throughout the year.


Linda Ely manages all our communications while also being central to all the strategic thinking in the Association including the Fund for Greensboro.


Naomi Ranz-Schleifer has been our voice working with Town officials to engage on a range of initiatives that impact the village.


Victoria Von Hessert is clearly one of the most persuasive leaders, enlisting an army of volunteers for the annual Caspian Challenge which, this year, benefits the School.


Lorelei Wheeler overcame a challenging year last year to once again establish a swim program at Caspian Lake.


John and Lisa Hewitt, John, former President, along with Lisa and family have been hosting the Sunday Evening Concerts on the Lake for 70 years. On behalf of the Board, we wanted to recognize John and Lisa with a gift.


Respectfully submitted,

John C. Stone III

Association President