February 2017 Winter Letter

Fellow members:

As you know, our mission is to conceive, advance, and support village initiatives and organizations that enhance our community and to protect Caspian Lake and its surrounding environment for both full and part-time residents of the town of Greensboro. This year, activities toward this mission included monitoring, analyzing lake levels, updating the Rental Guidelines, contributing to town planning and initiatives, working on the swim program, developing the Fund for Greensboro, building the grants program and sharing Greensboro and member news.

I attended the opening evening of the “House Bar” at the Highland Lodge and enjoyed great company and a Hill Farmstead on tap!  Willey’s continues major renovations and work is underway now on the 2nd floor. A community event is planned on the 11th. We acknowledge the questions our members have as we await news from the Highland Center of the Arts and the GAAR, and we hope for a successful season and future. Keep track of Greensboro news by subscribing to the Hardwick Gazette and check the Town website, our Facebook page, our occasional emails and the Spring Newsletter.

Thank you for your dues and donations which help us continue our work each year. Please also support the Fund for Greensboro Endowment and Lake Reserve Fund. These will support our community and protect Caspian Lake for future generations. Initial commitments have started us on a path toward our three year, $2M goal. Your annual giving, bequests and donations are welcome. Please also consider naming a fund as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy.

Please join me in thanking your volunteer board of trustees who make a positive impact for Greensboro; 2017 Class: Rick Lovett, Havilah Mann, John Schweizer, Whitney Sowles, Mary Parker, Charlie McAteer, Devin Burgess. 2018 Class: Emily Purdy, Day Patterson, Becky Arnold, Sara Slater, Clay Simpson, John Stone, Victoria Von Hessert. 2019 Class: Andy Dales, Linda Ely, Betsy Hunt, Don Jenkins, Naomi Ranz-Schleifer, Lorelei Wheeler, Allison Stegner.

Mark your calendars for Town Meeting on Tuesday March 7 and The Greensboro Association Annual Meeting on Thursday August 3, 2017, 4-6 PM.  Email me at [email protected] or call (617) 686-7305 with any comments or suggestions.


John C. Stone III
Association President