February 28, 2020

Fellow Members:

The Greensboro Association thanks you for another year of volunteer work and generous financial support that combine to make the Association an integral part of the community. Our long-standing priorities include (i) vigilantly protecting Caspian Lake, (ii) assisting area organizations, clubs and initiatives, (iii) fostering an engaged and impactful membership, and (iv) continuing to improve the quality and sustainability of our organization.

Caspian Lake —

Caspian Lake and its surrounding environment will always be our top priority. Our members are actively engaged in the Association’s Lake Committee activities as well as Greensboro’s recently formed Lake Water Task Force. Efforts include water quality sampling and reporting, tributary and lake level monitoring, beach and boat access inspections, and lake and watershed advocacy. This important work requires significant resources and I urge anyone interested and available to join this effort to contact the Lake Committee and become involved.

Grants Program —

Many local organizations and initiatives are supported by the Association’s annual Grants Program. Last year, thirteen local organizations received grants totaling $12,500. The Grants Committee is proactively engaged with area organizations to identify the best opportunities to make an impact on the community. If you are aware of an entity that may be interested in applying, please contact a committee member. Applications for this year’s program need to be submitted by June 1 and can be downloaded from our website.

Membership Renewal and Directory —

As part of the ongoing improvement of our organizational infrastructure, the Communications Committee has completed its upgrade of the renewal process and online membership directory. The Committee’s important and time-consuming work improved both the efficiency of the process and integrity of the data. The Committee is also updating the Association’s printed directory this year, so please make sure to login and check (and update if needed) your family personal contact information when you process your renewal.

Greensboro Community Initiatives —

Recently, the Vermont Council on Rural Development (“VCRD”) worked with the Greensboro Select Board and a broad group of town residents to identify common goals and initiatives, select key priorities for the future, and connect with local and state resources to move those priorities forward. Four issues were prioritized and designated as Community Initiatives and task forces comprised of interested residents were formed for each. The VCRD will help these task forces coordinate with local and state governments and other non-governmental resources to identify and pursue actionable plans to address each priority.

The Community Initiatives selected by Greensboro are: (i) WalkabiIity/SidewaIks (including trails and bike paths), (ii) Wastewater Treatment (traditional and new technologies being explored), (iii) Internet Access/Broadband/CeII Service, and (iv) Lake Water Quality. More information will be provided in the coming months on work being done by each of these task forces and opportunities for our members to become more involved.

Events and Meeting Dates —

To stay current on events and activities, please check our website’s online calendar — the Green Sheet — and mark your calendars to attend these specific events if you are in town and able:

  • Greensboro Town Meeting— Tues, March 3å1 at 10:00am at The Highland Center for the Arts
  • Caspian Challenge — Sun, July 26th at 8:30am at the ball field
  • Greensboro Association Annual Meeting – Thurs, August 6å at 4:00pm at the United Church of Christ in Greensboro

Board of Trustees —

The Greensboro Association is led by the Board of Trustees who volunteer their time and considerable expertise to further our mission. Please contact the Nominating Committee if you are interested in serving on the Board or any of our Committees.

  • Class of 2020: Devin Burgess, Karen Gowen, Rick Lovett, Havilah Mann, Mary Parker, John Schweizer, Mary White
  • Class of 2021: Becky Arnold, Vince Cubbage, Mike Metcalf, Tim Nisbet, Day Patterson, Sara Slater, John Stone Ill
  • Class of 2022: Stew Arnold, Andy Dales, Linda Ely, Betsy Hunt, Cathy Irwin, Naomi Ranz-Schleifer, Allison Stegner

Together, our Association is making a positive impact on our village, area organizations, and Caspian Lake environment. Thank you for your continued membership, involvement, and financial support.


Vince Cubbage