Dear Fellow GA Members,

March 2024 greetings from the Greensboro Association Board! In honor of the Greensboro Association’s 90th year, we have been busy this winter holding several Strategic Planning meetings which have resulted in amazing new energy for the future of our Association.  Our current mission (to conceive, advance and support village initiatives that enhance our community, and to protect Caspian Lake and its surrounding environment) is being tweaked to include our ever-growing communications network, expanding our membership, and engaging all residents of Greensboro in our ongoing advocacy for watershed stewardship and community development work —stay tuned!

The GA’s Lakes and Environmental Stewardship Committee does not take the winter off: this committee continues to monitor the wake boating rule developments and will keep you updated through our website and social media pages.  They will also be overseeing the construction of a decontamination station at Caspian Lake beach that is set to be completed this summer, made possible through a $22,000 grant from the Lake Champlain Basin Program, along with $4000 from the GA’s Lake Reserve Fund.  The station will provide hot, pressurized water to clean watercraft before entering the lake, preventing the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species into Caspian Lake.

Our Grants Committee has similarly been working throughout the winter distributing Community Relief Funds and is gearing up early this year for our annual grants program, with applications due in mid-March to enable awards distribution before the busy summer season.  The 2nd Annual Tour de Greensboro cross-country ski event this past February was another resounding success; the turnout from GA members as both participants and volunteers was impressive! Thanks to the generosity of our membership in time, expertise, and donations, we are able to collectively make a significant impact on our community.

Special thanks to all who contribute to the Fund for Greensboro.  We are so grateful to the GA community and the support that has enabled us to provide $250,000 to the community these last four years for pandemic relief, flood relief, and annual grants.  Our upcoming 90th anniversary in 2024 is a chance for us to build additional sustainability into our FFG funding.  Gifts of all amounts are welcome and appreciated.

Finally, please join me in thanking your volunteer Board of Trustees, who work tirelessly to make a positive impact on our community and lake environment.  Current members through August 2024 include Allison Stegner, Becky Arnold, Chloe Cubbage, Chris Steel, Eric Hanson, JoAnn Hanowski, John Stone, Karen Gowen, Mary White, Meaghan Meachem, Mike Metcalf, Naomi Ranz-Scheifer,
Paul Brierre, Peter Watkinson, Sara Slater, Stew Arnold, and Vince Cubbage.

And–please mark your calendar for the Greensboro Association’s Annual meeting on August 1, 2024 at 4pm in Fellowship Hall.


Cathy Irwin
Greensboro Association President