The History of the Public Beach at Caspian Lake

In response to recent questions regarding the ownership of the Caspian Lake Public Beach, the Greensboro Historical Society has asked Clay Simpson to research the history of the Public Beach.  The following article is the result of his work.  Clay Simpson is a Trustee of the GHS and a Member of the Board of the Greensboro Association.

The History of Caspian Lake Beach

Many thanks to the Greensboro Historical Society for allowing the Greensboro Association to publish this work.   We also thank those who aided in the research of this, including Lorraine Hussey, The Town of Hardwick, Clive Gray and Allen Davies.



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  1. gaadmin
    gaadmin says:

    Dear Mr Simpson: On behalf of the Greensboro Select Board, I thank you for your most informative piece on the “HIstory of Caspian Lake Beach”. We appreciate the time and effort you have put into it and your sharing it with us. As a board, we will do our very best to see that the beach remains open to all, as it has been, for us and future generations. My best to you, Marsha Gadoury, Chair

  2. Martha H. Niemi
    Martha H. Niemi says:

    Clay, once again you have done an outstanding job of researching the historic informtion on the beginnings of the Caspian Lake public beach. You are a tremendous asset to the Greensboro Historical Association and to the surrounding communities for the information you have provided. With thanks, Martha Niemi


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