Caspian Arts Studio Tour July 29

turquoise, soft yellows and lemony greens are quintessential lake colors that shimmer like water as the silky scarves slip through your fingers.

Elinor Osborn took advantage of the plethora of snowy owls in our area last winter, an eventSnowy Owl flying from forest edge she termed a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity. By persistently visiting places where the owls had been sighted, she captured a beautiful image of an owl just launching himself into flight. She had the image printed onto aluminum, which is framed and ready to hang.

Day.Full Moon on Hunger MountainBetsy Day has created a wintertime tapestry in which she has woven together a composite of several beautiful images that stirred her artistic soul: a full moon and silvery birches encountered on a hike up Hunger Mountain. The trunks of the trees are created by incorporating the edge tassels back into the main piece, a clever technique that Betsy invented and intends to explore in future pieces.

Anne Young is currently obsessed with a common plant called Water Shield that is found10. Young.Resurrection13 in the shallow water of ponds in our area. Green in summer, these plants turn brilliant red, yellow and orange in the fall. Anne has created a series of small paintings featuring magnified views of the complex designs formed by the changing autumn colors patterned with details of decay and leaf miner damage. By focusing in so closely, Anne has transformed representational designs into breath taking abstract art.

Dales.Caspian SunsetJudy Dales has created a quilted wall piece that was inspired by a late fall sunset. It is often the case that colors created by Mother Nature in real life can seem unbelievable when translated to a work of art, but Judy has managed to capture the brilliance of the sunset in an impressionistic style that strikes just the right tone. Bare branches silhouetted against the sky form the focal point of this dramatic piece, which is embellished with a curvilinear quilting design which adds drama to the scene.

The introduction of all these items made specifically for the tour adds an enticing element of discovery to the event. In addition to the adventure of traveling to new locations and meeting creative people in their home environment, visitors will have locally inspired, new work to admire and purchase.

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