Caspian Water Clarity great for 2014


Many Greensboro residents don’t realize that the Greensboro Association monitors lake clarity yearly.   Andy Dales is registered by the State of Vermont to perform lake testing, and Lake Clarity (as measured on the Secchi scale) is one of the measurements.   For 2014 so far according to Andy, “Lake water clarity at 10m is significantly better than average for Caspian and WAY better the VT average.”

The Secchi disk, is a black and white circular disk used to measure water transparency in bodies of water. The disc is mounted on a line, and lowered slowly down in the water. The depth at which the disk is no longer visible is taken as a measure of the transparency (or clarity) of the water. This measSecchi charture is known as the Secchi depth.   The higher the Secchi depth, the better the transparency of the water.

The current year Secchi Disc Readings are located in Willey’s Store next to the Meat Counter (above the wines)   Take a look next time you go in.

A fuller report on Caspian Lake is always a part of the Greensboro Association Annual Meeting, which will be August 8 at 7:30 at Fellowship Hall in the United Church of Christ.  Come along! All welcome…


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