Town Meeting will be Tuesday, March 3

The Town of Greensboro has published FY16-Warning for Town Meeting on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.     Voters must register to vote by February 25.   All Greensboro residents and non-resident property owners are welcome at the meeting.

For information on the items to be discussed at Town meeting, the following documents are available at the Town website.     Town Report for 2014,  Agencies-Requesting-Town-Funds-2014-15 and the Checklist for 2/26/2015.

Additionally, a proposed Noise Ordinance will be discussed, as well as a motion to sell the Old Firehouse in the Village.

Comments on any aspect of the meeting may be left as a reply to this article.

“Town Meeting Day marks a special event in which residents meet in about 40 towns across Vermont. They discuss the business of their town and any issue is open to debate. They also elect local officials, approve a budget for the following year, and conduct other local business. It is a time for neighbors to discuss the civic issues of their community, state, and nation.

Vermont town meetings (with one exception) are the practice of direct democracy. That is, eligible citizens of the town may vote on specific issues that are announced through a warning. The town meeting warning tells people when and where town meeting will be held, and it lists all of the articles (topics) that are going to be discussed and voted on at the meeting. The warning must be posted at least 30 days before the meeting.”  See here for more information.


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  1. Tim Nisbet
    Tim Nisbet says:

    Town meeting is indeed open to all folks to attend whether registered voters or not. However, only those on the checklist may vote. Also, discussion or questions from the floor may only come from registered voters unless the assembly grants permission otherwise. An example of this is when our legislators come to address the meeting.
    Generally the moderator asks the town if it wishes to hear from the legislators. So far, we always have!

    Along these same lines, should a non voter wish to comment on an article, it has been my practice as moderator to recognize them, with the permission of the assembly, after all registered voters have spoken.

    If anyone is unsure if they are on the checklist or not, it is a good idea to click the link in Linda’s post or contact the town clerk. You cannot be added on Town Meeting day I believe.


    • Linda Ely
      Linda Ely says:

      Thanks Tim. I’ve always enjoyed watching you serve as the moderator at the meetings. Good points about registered voters – however, I have always found the meeting very informative, interesting, and at times entertaining even though I was not eligible to vote. Thanks for the reply!


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