Town meeting highlights 2015

The 2015 Town meeting held on March 3, 2015 was civil, well attended and productive.   The minutes are available 2015-MINUTES-TOWN-MEETING-MARCH-3-2015.

Highlights included:

1) The Greensboro Award was given to Wayne Young.

2) Susan Wood and Ernest Machia were re-elected to the Selectboard, serving a 3 and 1 year term respectively.   Sean Thomson was elected to fulfill a 2 year term.   They join Marcia Gadoury and Peter Romans for the next year.

3) The motion to adopt a Noise Ordinance for Greensboro Village was discussed at length, with many comments both pro and con.   It failed to pass by a margin of 50 votes (74 NO, 24 YES)

4) The Town Budget and School Budget were passed as presented, including funding for the Greensboro Grange ($10000) and Willey Beach Park ($3000).

5) The Town voted that the Select Board should sell the Former Firehouse in the Village.

6)  A motion was approved to change the Property Tax Due Date to October 29, 2015 at 4pm.  This will affect all property owners in Greensboro.   

7) A delicious lunch was again served by the Greensboro Early Learning Center, accompanied by chocolate chip cookies from Tom Hurst.

8) The Funky Fourth Celebration parade is scheduled for Saturday, July 4, 2015.   The fireworks will be July 3 at the Ball field.


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