Milfoil, Monitors, and non Motorized boats

For many years, the Greensboro Association has joined the Town of Greensboro in supporting Boat Monitors for the Public Boat Launch at the Public Beach on Caspian Lake.   These monitors ask boat owners who use the Public Launch where they have recently put their boats into the water, check incoming boats for invasive species, give information to boat owners on milfoil and other invasive species, and keep detailed records of the number of boats coming into Caspian Lake.   The Boat Monitoring program, one of the first in the State of Vermont, has caught a significant number of boats with milfoil and other species before they entered Caspian – it is a first line of defense for the protection of the Lake.   Caspian Lake remains Milfoil free in 2015, and the Boat monitors will continue to inspect at the beach this summer

In recent years, local lake monitors in NH and VT have found that milfoil and other invasive water species can be found on all boats, including kayaks, canoes, sailboats and other non-motorized boats.   These categories of boats are often not put in at the Public Beach, but can be launched at private docks, rental properties and other access points.    Please ask guests, family members and renters to check their non motorized boats for milfoil and other species before they enter Caspian – the invasives can be found in bilges, on or under straps, netting, trailers, chains, riggings etc., as well as in water caught inside the boat which originated in other lakes.   If you are uncertain what to look for, bring the boat to the Public Beach and have one of our official beach monitors look over your boat before launching it into Caspian.   There is a wash station at the Beach as well.

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