Greensboro Development Review Board to Consider Amended Conditional Use Application by Greensboro Area Arts Alliance

The Greensboro Development Review Board will review an amended conditional use application by the Greensboro Area Arts Alliance, now known as the Greensboro Performing Arts Center Trust, on November 30, 2015 at 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall of the Greensboro United Church. The amended application is available for review at the Greensboro Town Hall or on the town website at A site visit will take place on Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 11:00 AM.

Please note that participation in the proceeding on November 30, either in person or in writing, is a prerequisite to the right to make any subsequent appeal to these amendments.

Both the hearing and the site visit are open to the public. Interested persons unable to attend the hearing in person may send a letter to the Development Review Board at the Greensboro Town Clerk’s Office or email ([email protected]).

Photos of the architectural models of the current building design are below. These models are available for viewing at the Greensboro Town Hall during business hours.






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  1. c f armstrong
    c f armstrong says:

    If you have driven through Tolman’s Corner lately you may have been overwhelmed. I was. The gateway to Greensboro has been forever changed–and not for the better.

    The developer has chosen to build in earnest even before he has obtained all permits. Plus, this development has expanded considerably since its first breath. Now the building planned is 35% bigger; the height hugely taller; the expected traffic thicker, and the cost to taxpayers meaningful.

    The air will be cleared at the DRB hearing on 11.30.15 and at the subsequent Act 250 hearings. The developer started early, without all completed permits. His risk. The developer must return to the DRB AND to the State of Vermont’s Act 250. {Just because they poured concrete does not mean they can’t be required to start over.}
    Be informed. Participate in the debate. It is meaningful to our community.

  2. M Wright
    M Wright says:

    I, too, am concerned about the apparent evolution of the plan to establish a permanent home for the former GAAR. While I support the idea of having a Greensboro center for the arts, this project suffers from a lack of community input and buy-in. Worse, the plan now before us is exceedingly large, unnecessarily tall, unaccountably unattractive and jarringly out of character for this area. Given the many possibilities for community involvement, graceful and tasteful (yet still budget conscious) design, sensitive siting and useful and appropriate functionality, I find this plan to be sorely lacking.


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