Greensboro Garage Scheduled to Re-open January 2016

The Greensboro Garage will re-open its doors in Greensboro on January 4, 2016. The final day of operations in Hardwick will be December 23. Current office manager of the Hardwick location, Joann Lacasse, is taking over the business from Tim Nisbet and Steve Ferber. The team will be full of familiar faces eager to meet your automotive needs, including Gail, George, Dean, Derek, and Joann, along with new employee Julie.   They have also applied for a permit with the town for a new sign for the business.

Do you need an appointment this January? Call the Hardwick location at 472-6555. After January 4, you can call the Greensboro location at 533-7007.

There are plans afoot for a grand opening celebration at the end of January. Stay tuned for details. Also, while the Greensboro location will not be open the week of the 28th, Joann welcomes folks who are able to stop in and lend a hand with the moving process, or just come by and welcome them back to Greensboro.

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