What do YOU see? What do YOU want Greensboro to be?


The Greensboro Planning Commission is writing a new Town Plan.

Now is the time for residents to weigh in on residential and commercial development, renewable energy, natural resources, community character and more. Everyone in the household is encouraged to participate in this process by taking the Greensboro Community Survey.

Please complete the survey by Monday July 11th.



The online survey is up and live now. Paper copies of the survey are also available at the following locations:

Greensboro Town Clerk’s Office; Smith’s Grocery; Willey’s Store; Greensboro Free Library; Greensboro Post Office; Greensboro Bend Post Office; Four Seasons of Early Learning; Greensboro United Church of Christ

The Planning Commission hopes that every resident, voter and property owner, as well as members of their immediate household will respond. After reviewing the results of the survey, the Commission will conduct topic-specific focus groups and general discussion community forums before sitting down to write a draft plan. Once the draft is ready, the Commission will again seek community wide input and consensus before finalizing the plan.

Questions? Please contact the Greensboro Planning Commission:

Joe Wood (Chair): 533-2148 or [email protected]

David Miltenberger (Vice Chair): 533-2917 [email protected]

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