Renter & Boating Guidelines

The GA provides several resources on its website to help make everyone’s time in Greensboro more enjoyable. Of particular interest for property owners who rent out their property at any time of year are the Renter Guidelines. The board is in the process of updating these guidelines to reflect the current rental scene, but in the interim, members who do rent their property should still consider providing the guidelines to their tenants. Of particular importance for the protection of camp septic systems and Caspian Lake is a recommendation for clarity about maximum occupancy at your property. Occupancy should not overload the number of bedrooms, the water supply, or the property’s septic system.

In addition, the GA provides information on boating guidelines for Caspian Lake. The guidelines include information about speed limits on the lake, as well as no-wake zones and wake management, boat equipment, and environmental considerations. Jet skis, personal watercraft, or any other Class A vessel which uses an inboard engine powering a water jet pump as its primary source of motive power are prohibited.

To view the complete Renter Guidelines and Boating Safety pamphlets, visit

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