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Since last summer, the Lakeview Union School Board has been assessing the functionality of our school facilities.  The existing Lakeview Union School building has served students from the Greensboro and Stannard communities well for the past 30 years.  Our facility, however, is now in need of significant repairs and upgrades to remain not only safe and code-compliant, but also to meet the demands of a 21st century learning environment.  We want Lakeview to continue to provide our students with an inviting space to learn and grow.

We would like to invite the residents of Greensboro and Stannard to the first in a series of conversations about this issue on Wednesday, May 24 at 7 PM at the Lakeview School.  This is an opportunity for us to share with you the challenges we as a community are facing when it comes to our building and our options for addressing them.  But most importantly, this is a chance for us to hear from you, the school’s stakeholders, to help us get a better understanding of what the community feels would be an appropriate direction to take on this critical issue.

We hope you can join us on the evening of May 24.  For more information, please visit the Lakeview school board website at



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