The Greensboro Association directory and a 1915 listing of camp owners around Lake Caspian

Following on in a proud tradition, the 2020-21 Greensboro Directory will be printed and available for purchase at Willey’s Store in July.

Since 1954, the Greensboro Association has published a directory of members, following the lead of the first directory published by William P. Kelly in 1942.  However, thanks to Janet Patterson we have an interesting listing of the residents and owners of Greensboro lake camps published in 1915 by the St. Johnsbury Caledonian Record.

St J Caledonian Aug 18 2015 p12

St J Caledonian Aug 18 2015 p13

St J Caledonian Aug 18 2015 p14

There is also a very interesting page about Greensboro itself in this issue

St J Caledonian Aug 18 2015 p11

In 2019, 104 years after the Caledonian Record was published, the GA directory was made available online to our members as well.   To access the directory and make changes in your record go to the member directory tab on the top right of the home page of the Greensboro Association website.

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