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As your thoughts turn to Greensboro this summer, please consider subscribing to the Hardwick Gazette.   Our local paper, in existence since 1889, is struggling with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
As you may be aware, many local news outlets like The Hardwick Gazette are grappling with the loss of ad revenue and over the counter paper sales. The Gazette has been able to keep news flowing by suspending the print version of the paper for now, and by focusing on a new and improved electronic edition which is now delivered to your email mailbox every Wednesday morning.   However, they need subscribers to survive.
Circulation-wise, the Gazette has just over 750 digital subscribers.  They have set a goal to increase subscriptions to 1,000 subscribers by Labor Day.
You can help!    Please consider subscribing to the Gazette (six-month subscription for $25, annual subscription of $45.)  Subscriptions are available at The Hardwick Gazette website
Each person makes a difference!
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