Gratitude to Our Community and Visitors

At Monday’s Greensboro Emergency Response Team meeting, Town Health Officer Carl Stein reported that the Greensboro area did not see the anticipated spike in COVID cases following either of the major summer holiday weekends.

This good news was attributed to the excellent communication efforts of GERT, and particularly to the diligence of summer residents and out of state visitors in adhering to the protective guidelines outlined by the State of Vermont.

Committee member Tim Nesbit noted an increase in lights around the lake since as early as March and April, yet careful and caring residents have been “playing by the rules,” to the benefit of everyone.  Communications—early and often—by organized entities like GERT have made it easy for people to have the information necessary to ensure the health and well-being of this community.

With spikes occurring in states across the country, the collaborative effort seen here is a testament to what’s required to manage this pandemic.  Many thanks to our responsive and responsible town—lets keep up the good work!

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