Town of Greensboro Website Survey – please give your input!

The Town of Greensboro Website Task Force is conducting a survey of the Town website, and has asked the Greensboro Association to get the word out!

From the Town of Greensboro Website Task Force. In May, the Selectboard approved the formation of a Task Force to examine how the Town’s website currently serves the community and how it may be improved to better serve the community in the future. To engage the community in this effort, the Task Force has developed a short (5 question) survey which we will be promoting through various channels over the next two weeks. We hope to encourage participation from a broad cross-section of folks, whether they live in, work in or visit Greensboro, which we will track through two qualifying questions at the start of the anonymous survey. We estimate the survey will take less than ten minutes to complete. The deadline for completing the survey is Jul 30th, 2021.
The goal of the survey is to complement the research and analysis of municipal websites carried out by the Task Force, identifying priority areas for improvement in both content and user experience. A summary of the survey results and Task Force recommendations will be presented to the Selectboard in August.

Your engagement, reflection, and sharing in this website initiative is greatly appreciated!

Note: If you are using a smart phone to complete this survey, you may wish to rotate your phone to “landscape” view in order to limit any necessary scrolling to vertical only. 🙂

CLICK HERE to begin the survey
THANK YOU! Greensboro Website Task Force co-chairs:Michael Porazzo, Liz Steel, John Stone III