2016 GA Annual President’s Report

This year we continue our efforts on our core priorities and like most years, we are also tackling new issues important to our community. These include lake levels and ice damage, Lake Rental Guideline updates and community initiatives. Throughout the year, we work to communicate and facilitate a constructive dialog across multiple channels, sharing information about opportunities and challenging issues in Greensboro.


Thank You to Our Board of Trustees and Committees

Our all-volunteer committee members do the work of the association and I want to highlight their contributions. Please visit our Committees page on the website to see who is involved and join me in thanking them for their efforts. We appreciate all of our Board of Trustees who bring fresh thinking and new ideas as well as sound judgment about our policies and plans.


Victoria Von Hessert is stepping down from the Events Committee where she has enlisted an army of volunteers to run the annual Caspian Challenge, which benefits community and lake programs. Don Jenkins, our Nominating Chair, will now try to fill Victoria’s big shoes in 2017. Victoria will serve as Secretary and continue with the communications Committee along with Sara Slater and Linda Ely and Betsy Hunt who maintains our website and content updates.


John Schweizer leads the Fund for Greensboro and Grants Committee and has also taken the initiative to address lake level/ ice damage issues with Andy Dales and Stew Arnold.


Andy Dales deserves our continued appreciation for his leadership of the Lake Protection Committee, monitoring lake quality and orchestrating the Greeter Program.


Linda Ely and Betsy Hunt manage our member database and publishing our Greensboro Association Directory and Whitney Sowles, publishes our Spring Newsletter.


Naomi Ranz-Schleifer works closely with the Greensboro Selectboard and local committees and organizations to enhance our community by conceiving and supporting initiatives in Greensboro.


Rick Lovett continues as Treasurer, updating our accounting procedures as we grow the Fund for Greensboro. Also we thank Jennifer Lucas who serves as our Auditor. Don Jenkins and Mary Parker are working on updated finance guidelines and policies.


Allison Stegner serves on multiple committees and leads our newly named Conservation Committee (formerly Barr Hill and Long Pond). Lorelei Wheeler is working to find qualified instructors to maintain our swim program and John and Lisa Hewitt continue to host the Sunday Concerts. Last year we celebrated 70 years of concerts!


Devin Burgess, is leading with Andy and Judy Dales, and Doug Kirtz (who led this project in 2009) a committee to update and further automate our Lake and Community Maps.


Looking Ahead

We continue work on our core mission centered on lake protection and community initiatives. Some additional focus areas in the next year include:


  • Growing the Fund for Greensboro: With your help, we will grow the Fund for Greensboro to enable us to address future needs and an expanded grants program.
  • Communicating Lake Rental Guidelines: With increased numbers of short-term residents and renters, we need to be more vigilant in helping homeowners and renters better protect, enjoy and respect Caspian Lake, its environment, and neighbors.
  • Building Community Initiatives: The potential initiative for a Bike/Ped project working with Localmotion is exciting. Naomi is looking for people interested in helping with the effort.
  • Growing Membership: We are looking to fill the Membership Committee Chair to ensure we continue to build our membership of both full and part time residents.


Respectfully submitted,

John C. Stone III