GA Members Vote to Accept Amended Bylaws at Annual Meeting

The GA Annual Meeting was held on Friday, August 9 at the UCC.  We were delighted to celebrate Helen Dimick, this years Greensboro Award winner. Helen was introduced by Warren Hill, chair of the Greensboro Selectboard, who joined speakers from the Greensboro Association as well as Robbie Hurst from Willey’s and Ed LeClair of Circus Smirkus. We appreciate all the information shared.

The members voted to accept the amended GA Bylaws and Articles of Association, and to approve the GA Board’s intention to apply for 501(c)3 status for the Greensboro Association. Reports were given by the Lake Committee (Andy Dales), the Grants Committee (Clay Simpson), the Nominations committee (Don Jenkins) and the Treasurer (Rick Lovett). John Stone shared the Presidents report as well. All reports are available here.

One special thanks was extended to Anne Harbison, who is retiring this year from her over 10 year commitment to the Memorial Garden. Many thanks, Anne! We all appreciate your hard work, and the beautiful result.

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