Water Line Replacement Project Status – August 2013

July found the Munson crew finishing the Lauredon line. There is now a fire hydrant directly opposite the elementary school.  They then proceeded to cross East Craftsbury Road and run up Perron’s fields to the reservoir for the longest and steepest uninterrupted run of 12” pipe(.6 mi.).   In August, temporary piping was placed, flushed, and connected to cottages along Cheney Road/Winnimere.  Work then commenced on the section between from the village terminus now at Wilson St. between the Parsonage and Altman’s, down Church Lane and Cheney Lane towards Winnemere.   As of August 31, permanent pipe was laid up to the end of Church Lane.  Some limited blasting will be done the week of September 3 to remove rock ledge on the pipe’s path.


This is adhering to the schedule set, so we are happy with progress to date.

John Mackin for the Greensboro Fire District #1

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