Should the Circus Smirkus camp in Greensboro be allowed to proceed?

The July Greensboro zoning approval for construction of a summer camp by Circus Smirkus on Breezy Avenue in 2014 has been appealed by a group of local landowners to Vermont Superior Court.   The appeal seeks to overturn Town zoning approval of the camp and delay or prevent the camp from proceeding.  Circus Smirkus’ original application, permit, and appeal documents are on the Town website (halfway down page under Circus Smirkus)

The GA knows members hold strong and opposing views towards the Circus Smirkus project.   As a result, we have not to taken an official position on the project and the appeal at this time.

Should the Circus Smirkus camp in Greensboro be allowed to proceed?

We strongly urge our members to express their views about the Circus Smirkus camp by leaving a reply (Click Leave a reply above on the left).   Comments can also be sent to the Greensboro Selectboard and to the Editor of the Hardwick Gazette.


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  1. Bridget Ely
    Bridget Ely says:

    Circus Smirkus has been a Greensboro summer staple ever since I can remember. I even remember it being on the Disney Channel once and being so excited that the public beach was on national television (not to mention my family’s dock in the background). It brings people to our town and showcases the best parts of Vermont – our friendliness, our inclusiveness and our love of family. This appeal does not show any of those qualities and if allowed to pass, would be a tragic reflection of the Greensboro Community at large.

    Circus Smirkus is a part of Greensboro and as such deserves our support. Who can say no to the Circus coming to town? Let the show go on!

  2. Chris Philips
    Chris Philips says:

    Yes, it should be allowed. Greensboro will not suffer with a bit more employment and positive visitor traffic. What better business to encourage in Greensboro than a home-grown variety?

  3. Peter Broad
    Peter Broad says:

    Yes, approve the camp. Circus Smirkus has brought a lot to Greensboro, and the camp can’t possibly have anything but a positive effect on the summer experience.

  4. Daphne Allen
    Daphne Allen says:

    I haven’t heard both sides on this so I don’t know what the objections are. On the surface,without any facts I would approve this camp!

    • Jill O'Brien
      Jill O'Brien says:

      There are definitely two sides and neither side is anti-circus or anti-growth for Greensboro. The location is full of problems including inadequate parking, crowded parking areas with too few handicapped spaces, no provision for overflow, no provision for conflicting events all using Breezy Avenue and noise. The noise has been a constant issue with previous residents at that property who only had a few noisy events. Now there would be more.

  5. Wendy & Bob Parrish
    Wendy & Bob Parrish says:

    YES! It is our understanding that all the local boards have given it their support and we feel that for the future of Greensboro, not remaining in a 1960s bubble, that the camp should be accepted warmly.

    Other small towns have camps, such as Fairlee, VT. That town is not “ruined” by the added commerce.

    • Jill O'Brien
      Jill O'Brien says:

      I believe the site map will reveal significant differences in the location traffic flow, etc. Probably the town of Greensboro would do as well as Fairlee but not if the camp is built in this particular location with the existing plan.

  6. George Buckley
    George Buckley says:

    “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

    Matthew 19:14

  7. Niall Kirkwood
    Niall Kirkwood says:

    The absolutely wrong location for the circus camp
    based on basic planning principles. It is a ‘gated community’ proposal
    ie no-one will be allowed on the site, no campers are allowed
    off the site for security reasons, closed off in winter (ref: Ed LeClairs presentation August 9, 2013)
    Beyond the taxes, it will provide little village improvement or amenity and instead
    based on the currently available published plans will only be detrimental to the village and town.

  8. Perry Howard
    Perry Howard says:

    I don’t like it. What, are the kids going to walk to Willeys or to the golf course? I doubt it. It is the wrong location. Find another barn away from the village.

  9. Ned Olmsted
    Ned Olmsted says:

    In every way, I wholeheartedly affirm the DRB’s July approval of Circus Smirkus’ site plan and conditional use permit. Concerns about burdening traffic patterns on Breezy Ave. seem grossly overstated, as do fears that Circus Camp produced noise pollution might somehow rock Village status quo to the core. From its Circus Road location, Circus Smirkus has proven itself a good neighbor to the town of Greensboro for over twenty-five years. I can see no reason to believe that should it move a portion of its operation to the periphery of the village center that the benefits to Greensboro’s residents – especially to its children – would do anything but manifestly increase the vitality and quality of life of the Greensboro community.

  10. David Edsall
    David Edsall says:

    The hearings have been held and approval given. I see no reason the do it again, and this issue should not have been taken to court, it’s a community issue and that’s where it should stay.
    David & Nicholas Edsall

  11. Jim Sutton
    Jim Sutton says:

    From what I’ve read, it sounds like a great fit for the community. However, the abutting neighbors might be negatively impacted and that should be looked at carefully. I would certainly be concerned if it were me.

    • Jill O'Brien
      Jill O'Brien says:

      Since our son attended the very first Circus Smirkus camp out at the barn we feel qualified to make a comment. The circus is great. Greensboro is great. The location for this camp is all wrong. The plan raises serious questions. What happens during the culminating performance of each camp session? Will grandparents in separate cars be allowed in? Will extra cars be left on Breezy Avenue? When an event at Lakeview Inn and an event at the camp coincide where will the cars go? The obvious overflow may well be vehicles on both sides of Breezy Avenue creating congestion at the intersection of the country club road and clogging up emergency vehicle progress. A good example is the congestion from the four corners down through Breezy Ave. during the fireworks on the 4th of July. No one wants the fireworks to cease but special police presence is required on this ONE night.
      The noise from this part of Greensboro is not imaginary. The difference now is that every week there will be the potential for noise.
      We would be willing to help ;the circus find another location in Greensboro that does not harm quality of life for long-time residents in the area or create potential bottlenecks in a busy area.
      Our understanding is that this will be a private event space, not open to the general public or serving all the children of Hardwick and Greensboro.

  12. Douglas Kirtz
    Douglas Kirtz says:

    We’ve sold our camp on Caspian Lake but in the eleven years we owned it, we were mesmerized by the performances at Circus Smirkus and delighted by their presence in the community. Other than what I’ve read in the Gazette and hearsay from friends, I know little about the details of their expansion but I can’t imagine how any problems the expansion brings will offset the good they do for the community of Greensboro. I enthusiastically endorse the expansion of Circus Smirkus in Greensboro. We vote YES.

  13. Douglas Bishop
    Douglas Bishop says:

    I support Circus Smirkus in its bid to create new space for a summer camp. I think this would be a great asset for the Greensboro community.

  14. Scott Slater
    Scott Slater says:

    I do not believe that building this camp in the proposed location is a good idea at all. I think it will create a lot of strain on the surrounding area in the main part of Greensboro. I would greatly prefer to see Circus Smirkus develop their property in their current location where it will be less of a burden on the lake community.

    Thank you for asking for opinions.

  15. greg kline
    greg kline says:

    For 3 relaxing weeks each summer my wife and I rent a cottage that immediately borders the proposed site.
    We are very concerned about increased noise and traffic that would adversely impact our peace and quiet.

    Sincerely, Greg Kline

  16. Clive Gray
    Clive Gray says:

    I believe the concerns expressed by opponenfs of the Circus Smirkus camp have been adequately addressed by Ed LeClair in his presentation to the Development Review Board and the Greensboro Association. I agree with the DRB’s approval of the project.


    My family has owned a cottage for >70 years in Greensboro. While we consider it home, we realize that the permanent community in the town needs jobs and revenue. Summer folks are being selfish if they believe this issue is about them; it’s about the town’s health. Go to Willey’s a little later/earlier, slow down, get stuck in a little traffic; we can be inconvenienced for the health of a wonderful community.

  18. Jenny Stoner
    Jenny Stoner says:

    Yes, I believe the circus would be good for Greensboro.
    Our year round home is on Craftsbury Common where the circus camp was for 5 years. We never noticed a traffic problem, in fact I loved taking grandchildren to watch practices.

  19. Marion Stegner
    Marion Stegner says:

    Circus Smirkus should ABSOLUTELY proceed with their plans to settle in Greensboro. I think it is a wonderful organization and a treasure to our community. We need youth badly around here in order to survive and what could be better than the enthusiasm of kids learning how to work together and succeed. In addition, it should provide much needed support for local commercial interests and their employees. Willey’s, The Miller’s Thumb and other enterprises will surely benefit from the parents and children who will come to the camp. Maybe there will be a new places to stay and eat spawned by the influx of people.

  20. Beth Ranz Riggs
    Beth Ranz Riggs says:

    I love the community of Greensboro and Circus Smirkus. I think any traffic or noise concerns can be addressed so that both will benefit. I think it’s a great addition to Greensboro.

  21. Rosann Hickey
    Rosann Hickey says:

    This controversy reminds me of an elderly relative (now deceased) who continually mourned the paving of the Center Road into Greensboro: “Just encourages people to come here!”
    Circus Smirkus has been a good community member for 25 years. They addressed all the pertinent issues in their presentation to the DRB.
    We need to find ways to keep the village alive, and the camp– and the jobs that it brings–will contribute to that. Vermont is full of villages that have died due to an inability to accommodate change; let’s not let that happen to us.

  22. Tim Howes
    Tim Howes says:

    Circus Smirkus is a great organization that would only benefit Greensboro economically and as a community. I am strongly in favor of welcoming them to town!

  23. Megan Day Gray PB
    Megan Day Gray PB says:

    Yes,the circus camp should proceed! If others need reassurance that the camp will not over-crowd Greensboro, can we ask the camp to provide guidelines to their campers regarding drop off pick up and visiting times..?

    Greensboro needs to continue to grow as a thriving community with youth not just retirees…

  24. emily carter
    emily carter says:

    i think circus smirkus offers an invaluable service to both the greensboro community and to the kids who are fortunate enough to participate in the program. the circus smirkus program provides an environment for creative exchange and play as it models alternative ways of being and thinking. it is physically and intellectually rigorous in a way that very few other programs are. while our national public education system continues to crumble and lag behind the rest of the world, organizations like circus smirkus that encourage critical thinking, non-traditional problem solving, humor and physical action are increasingly important.

  25. Joe Wood
    Joe Wood says:

    Circus Smirkus would be a wonderful addition to the Village – good people, great kids, an exciting organization. Bring the circus (school) to town!!

  26. Christine Armstrong
    Christine Armstrong says:

    I do not support Circus Smirkus coming to the middle of town. Would we permit any business or widget maker or housing-with its hugely disproportional density? We should not be seduced to expose ouselves [bending the zoning rules or not] to this significant density increase simply because the circus is cool or cute or pc.
    The density in this location is the problem.
    When Circus Smirkus folds, who will buy their tent? We will be permitting the subsequent owner, too.
    (I can’t help but ask, why not build in the countryside? Why even Greensboro in the first place? Why not Newport or Burke with all the new development incentives? They are a business, afterall.)
    The Town Climate will be changed for good–we assume it will be for the better.

  27. Margaret Lipscomb
    Margaret Lipscomb says:

    Yes. There are many properties for sale, and now that the academic “groupie” phenomenon has ceased, and our two lodges are mostly closed, these properties will be hard to sell as long as so few people know about and see Greensboro. Many unsold properties will depress property values more than a Circus Smirkus summer camp, and the camp will increase exposure, which I see as a good thing.

    The only reason I am in Greensboro is I came up here to see another property in Hardwick (the one that ended up being Heartbeet) and while I was here I decided to look at a couple of others, and one of them was in Greensboro. Otherwise, I had no idea that Greensboro existed.

    As the senior generation ends their time in Greensboro, only rarely will their children be able (or be interested) in taking over their houses. Too costly, or too much travel distance… We are in for a great “churn” in Greensboro properties. Those making these appeals may not be concerned about these facts of economic life, but I suspect that most of us should be.


    I think that the Circus Smirkus proposal should go forward. Having good neighbors like the circus take over the house that has been empty for so long and the unused glass blowing building plus land, some of which will be placed in a preservation easement, is an excellent idea. I’m sure Greensboro could use the income, and we are all fans of the circus.

  29. Vangie and David kelly
    Vangie and David kelly says:

    David and I whole heartily approve circus smirkus coming to town. We must move forward for the future health of our town.

  30. Greg McHugo
    Greg McHugo says:

    I am not current on all of the details of this decision, but I am concerned about the “not in my backyard” attitude of many Greensboro ( Caspian lake especially) residents. Would a bit more youth energy and commerce disrupt Greensboro substantially? Perhaps there will be some congestion in the village, but are people really in a big hurry? Whereas I am concerned about development on the lake shore and about use of the lake, it seems out of our purview to protest growth and change in the town — especially those who are summer residents.
    Perhaps I am missing some key details that would change my opinion, but I would still ask those opposed to step back and see the long view. Circus Smirkus has become a success; we should celebrate it and ensure that they feel welcome in Greensboro.,

  31. Yolanda Stern Broad
    Yolanda Stern Broad says:

    I definitely support having a Circus Smirkus camp in Greensboro: Circus Smirkus is already a positive presence in Greensboro, and adding a camp can only increase quality of life for the village and its surroundings.

  32. Thomas Anastasio
    Thomas Anastasio says:

    Circus Smirkus will be a great benefit to Greensboro. It should be encouraged (not just allowed) to proceed to build the camp on Breezy Avenue.

    While I am not a contiguous neighbor of the camp site, I do live on Breezy Avenue. The benefits to Greensboro of the circus camp far outweigh any of the objections raised in the lawsuits.

  33. Sara Dillon
    Sara Dillon says:

    I have felt from the beginning that there is too much confusion between the proposed development and the Circus itself. I would love to have the Circus build its camp anywhere that was appropriate in planning terms–including anywhere in Greensboro that would not interfere with the essential character of the town. I understand there has been some inflamed rhetoric published in the Gazette over the legal action, but this action is only an appeal of a local decision, to make sure that decision is consistent with good planning. This is a perfectly acceptable process, allowed for in state planning law. No one is being “sued.” There are so many side roads and so many sites of land in the vicinity, it has simply made no sense to me why the site on Breezy Avenue should be deemed the right one. No one can deny that that road is already very congested in the summer, or that it is at the heart of Greensboro’s historic core. And as a kind of “townie” myself–my own father being from Hardwick, my grandfather having farmed in Morristown and my aunt being once upon a time a teacher in Greensboro Bend, Morrisville and other places—I really do not see the economic benefit of this project…. The idea that I would wish to hold back an economic benefit for Greensboro is just false–the circus will bring in its own teachers, counselors etc–any benefit will be trivial compared with the extra noise and congestion. The building phase will come and go. In fact, it seems far more likely that there could be an adverse effect on Greensboro as a destination over time, if the congestion is as bad as some believe. I would support virtually any non-congested site in Greensboro or anywhere else around for the Circus. I think the entire issue has become too emotionally charged with respect to the motives of those who are opposed. It just strikes me as bad planning–and having fought many planning battles in Ireland during the 90s, I can tell you that often the courageous and right thing, however others may react, is just to say plainly when a proposed development is too dense, too big, out of scale. I want the very best for Greensboro in every sense. I guess we must all figure out what that means, in light of our own good sense and values. But casting opposition as coming from “selfish summer residents” is just too simplistic. Best regards to all–
    Sara Dillon

  34. Karen Gowen
    Karen Gowen says:

    Our property is adjacent to the proposed site and we are thrilled to have them as “next door neighbors!” Circus Smirkus is a Greensboro tradition and should be allowed to go forward with their plans for the camp.

  35. John Stone III
    John Stone III says:

    I have heard many points of view on this issue both personally and in my role with the GA. About an equal number have been positive and negative toward the plan.

    As the GA board has not reached a consensus, I do not feel that it is appropriate for me to express a personal opinion, but I will say that all the points I have heard on both sides have been legitimate. Everyone I have spoken with about this want what they feel is best for Greensboro. I hope we can be less divisive and avoid personal attacks.

    A summary of major points I have heard:


    * Noise will spread through town – and carry a long way – especially in certain weather / wind conditions
    * Activity, traffic etc. would be concentrated during the already busy summer, not in winter when it is perhaps more needed
    * A more remote location – hopefully within Greensboro – would have less of a negative economic and quality of life impact on neighbors.


    * We would show positive support for the beloved Circus who have done an admirable job of addressing community concerns
    * This would be a needed economic benefit and tax boost for the town – much needed given the overall economic challenges in the area
    * This would bring a greater vibrancy in the town – as a “place to live not a place to go and die!”.

  36. Fiona McMurtrie
    Fiona McMurtrie says:

    Our property is close to the potential site, and we would welcome Circus Smirkus and the contribution it would make to Greensboro’s economy and culture.

  37. John & Anna Belle Loeb
    John & Anna Belle Loeb says:

    Yes. We support the Circus Smirkus plan based on our review of the issues discussed at the planning board. It appears that the near neighbors’ issues have been considered and resolved. We welcome te Circus Camp as a fun and exciting addition to Greensboro’s rich arts and cultural community and believe it will contribute to the economic and long term health of the town.
    John & Anna Belle Loeb

  38. Dana Bascom
    Dana Bascom says:

    Absolutely NOT.
    The noise will be awful. It will carry over the lake. We used to be able to clearly hear Sig’s parties at that same location.
    Additional weekend traffic, checkin, checkout and for performances will also be excessive.

  39. Jeff Parker
    Jeff Parker says:

    Absolutely not!!! Caspian Lake is uniquely positioned as a single-family cottage community. The development of any commercial enterprise of that magnitude that close to the lake should never be allowed.

  40. Carol Calcagni
    Carol Calcagni says:

    YES! We believe that the expansion of the Circus Smirkus camp in Greensboro will be a boost in many ways to the town.
    Carol and Bob Calcagni

  41. Scott Calderwood
    Scott Calderwood says:

    I believe Circus Smirkus wil be a great addition to the Greensboro Community. It will offer job opportunities for our local work force, attract visitors to town which will bring customers into our local businesses and additional value to our grand list.

  42. Alan Lukens
    Alan Lukens says:

    We believe the village should go ahead with the Circus project. I saw Lacey just before he died and he had done all sorts of arrangwements in favor of it. A few jobs and more business will help Greemsboro, even if a few of us in the summer have to wait 30 seconds for traffic. Alan Lukens

  43. Martha Niemi
    Martha Niemi says:

    ABSOLUTELY!!! The Circus Smirkus is part of Greensboro and has been since its inception. Of late, Ed LaCour has done an admirable job of keeping the towns citizens apprized of every aspect of the progress made to move the Circus camp to the Sig Lonegran property. They have gone through all the permitting process which the State requires and are ready to move forward with the building project. Abutting land owners such as Lacey Smith and Audrey Suher have cooperated with land sales and donations. It is not in keeping with the Greensboro community to have a small group bring a lawsuit against this wonderful organization because they think it will increase traffic??? Anne Harbison said it all in her wonderful editorial in the Gazette. Greensboro merchants and gallery owners would certainly prosper from this project. Hopefully the misguided folks who signed the lawsuit rethink their unhelpful appeal of the project!!!

  44. Andy Dales
    Andy Dales says:

    The Circus Camp in Greensboro SHOULD be allowed to proceed.
    Andy and Judy Dales – Registered voters in the Town of Greensboro

  45. Jenny Bayles
    Jenny Bayles says:

    I am in favor of The Circus Camp being located in Greensboro. Cirkus Smirkus is a Greensboro institution, so there is no better place for the summer camp!

  46. Clark and Margaret Maser
    Clark and Margaret Maser says:

    My wife and I are longstanding members of the Greensboro Association. I was President of the Association many years ago. We both strongly oppose location of the Circus Smirkus camp in our village. Same will change the very nature of the village and create environmental problems that will be irreversible–noise, traffic, congestion’ and the loss of the beautiful and unspoiled area of greenery which the camp facilities will occupy.

  47. sally Lonegren
    sally Lonegren says:

    I don’t think any of us would question hat we live in a troubled world – or that we are largely an aging community. Many of us are elders in a world where whatever future we have lies in the hands of the young.
    As a grandmother who lives here and one who has had the pleasure of having a granddaughter in the Circus troupe I do have a sense of responsibillty to “put my oar in” so to speak, on this issue.
    Circus Smirkus has, for 25 years, had an unusually fine hand in teaching young people personal responsibility, community support and a sensitive awareness of others, hard work, self-discipline, and a healthy fondness for good clean fun.
    We need these qualities in our future citizens – the very ones who will be able to bring a trained and disciplined creativity, new solutions, and commitment to the serious problems we are facing in this world.
    I do feel that we as elders have a duty and a responsibility to foster and support this fine organization and the youth it will give to the future.
    The only constant in this world is change. Let’s make it a good change for the future – a forward looking and not a backward and regressive one.
    Thanks to the Greensboro Association for soliciting community input.

  48. Tom Woodward
    Tom Woodward says:

    As I stated at the June 19th hearing of the Development Review Board, Circus Smirkus is a wonderful organization and would be a fine adjunct to any community; but many, including this writer, feel that it is the proposed LOCATION that is wrong — for many reasons.
    CS is a large company which does not belong so near the center of our small village. The traffic problems at the entrance and exit at the top of Breezy Avenue, will be substantial and not realized until it is too late. A 75-student boarding school, operating during the summer months, requires a huge number of service vehicles: various food trucks, laundry trucks, service trucks, to say nothing of parents dropping off children or picking them up. There is substantial country club traffic at this point all summer. We may be in line for a traffic light there before we are through. Why does CS have to insert itself into our small village? Why didn’t they buy Highland Lodge or a one of the farms for sale a mile away? And we can’t be so sure about “jobs”: CS will probably bring most of its personnel with them. The noise factor (schools and circus performances are noisy affairs) will not be felt by those who live far enough away and are enthusiastic about this proposal; they won’t see the huge number of the cars of circus goers; but those in the village sure will. I hope that CS will eventually find a better location.

  49. Deirdre Ely
    Deirdre Ely says:

    As a younger resident of Greensboro, I must say that some of the comments I have read on this website have disturbed me greatly. Circus Smirkus is a Greensboro born, Greensboro bred company that allows kids to explore talents they may not have ever known they had. Why is it so ludicrous then that we allow a business that has always had the town in its heart to nestle itself in the heart of town? If another town staple such as the Highland Lodge had requested to expand to the same space would anyone be so vehemently against it? If The Willey’s Store requested to expand its business, would we still be hearing these complaints? I think not.

    I think this scheme brings economic and social benefits to the community. I want to be able to enjoy Greensboro as I get older, and I want my future family to enjoy it. By allowing Circus Smirkus we are only allowing an already prominent part of our community to come farther in.

  50. Charles Peck
    Charles Peck says:

    Circus Smirkus seems like quite a good group to move into downtown Greensboro. It is educational, it provides a lot for the community already and compared with other possible uses of the land it is an attractive one which it proposes.

    Many people in Greensboro feel that nothing should change. But change is inevitable. Things either get better or worse. Rather than do nothing, it is better to choose and move ahead. Circus Smirkus should be good for the tax base and help share these heavy taxes. It should be good for the store. It is compatible with the library. It brings in youth, fresh blood.

    So I think it’s a good idea.

    Best wishes,

    Charles Peck
    North Shore

  51. Edward Stehle
    Edward Stehle says:

    I support allowing Circus Smirkus to develop the Lonegren property for its camp. As anyone who has followed the recent history of Greensboro must know, establishing any new economic enterprise in this town is difficult at best,. It is also evident that the town must develop new economic enterprises to replace those, like the two inns that have closed, and it must continue to grow and diversify its economy if it is to avoid the fate of becoming an economically declining town.. In many ways the family- and child-oriented nature of Circus Smirkus is well suited to the traditional ethos of the town and the Lake Community. Without the inns there are few outsiders who find Greensboro these days, and that has a decidedly negative impact on land values in the town and on the Lake, and that should be a concern to many who have a significant investment in real estate here. Greensboro is no longer the kind of agrarian-based small village it was in the 1950s,or ’60s and cannot ever be that again. Changes in the world economy have made that impossible. Circus Smirkus can bring economic stimulus to the town in a form that is compatible with the town’s ethos; it can bring new visitors to the town to help maintain existing businesses and increase the town’s exposure to people from outside who might well want to settle here some day, as many of us or out ancestors did. Most of the immediate neighbors of the Lonegren site support the Circus’s site, and that is significant. The site has gotten the approval of the town zoning authorities. The next logical step is to allow the approval process to go forward and not try to kill it through delaying tactics.

  52. lucile Brink
    lucile Brink says:

    Circus Smirkus is a great institiution. Has Ed or CS or the lawyers representing either party contacted each other? I am sorry that land next to the current circus property is not available. The proposed
    camp is in the wrong place and would really change the nature of the village. We need to work on a bike trail and walking paths and safety for all on Breezy Ave. It is an accident waiting to happen and we have one very busy corner in town already. I hope that a solution can be found that will satisfy both parties and bring additional commerce to town . I am sure there is other property close to Greensboro that could serve the purpose. A camp that would be used only in the summer would not help liven Greensboro in the off season. Lucile Brink

  53. Jerry Brown
    Jerry Brown says:

    To whom it may concern
    My name is Jerry Brown and my family has been summering in Greensboro since 1948. I also own the Cassies Corner ice cream parlor in the village.
    I am strongly in favor of allowing Circus Smirkus permission to start a camp uin Greensboro. It will help the Town get a much needed shot in the arm (kick in the pants )
    I can be reached at my residence in Pennsylvania for further discussion.
    Jerry Brown

  54. Amy Speare
    Amy Speare says:

    Yes! Circus Smirkus should be allowed to build a permanent camp in town. As others have pointed out, they were born here and have been good neighbors and a responsible organization for the town of Greensboro. Change is hard. But change is necessary to move forward. I am concerned with the near closing of the Inns and I feel that the new Circus Smirkus camp will keep the Greensboro community vibrant and alive.

  55. Lise Armstrong
    Lise Armstrong says:

    Greensboro cannot survive on beer alone. This town needs to approve the Circus Smirkus camp on Breezy Avenue. Parents would be coming in and increasing sales at Willey’s and the Miller’s Thumb. Traffic would only be a hinderance during drop offs and pick ups. What is nicer to hear than children laughing? They have a lights out time of 9 PM, so they won’t be yelling and screaming all night. How many times have you sat on your porch after 9 PM and heard music playing and people partying across the lake?

    The town of Greensboro needs a jump start to help its economy. As much as we all want things to stay the way they have been, change is inevitable for survival. We don’t want to leave a dying town to our children and grandchildren. Please approve the site for the Circus Smirkus camp.

  56. Laura Cavin Bailey
    Laura Cavin Bailey says:

    As a member of the “next generation” of Greensboro, I want to express my support for Circus Smirkus to build on Breezy Ave. As others have stated above “change is inevitable” and if we don’t embrace the aspects that help to enliven and support our “downtown” then we miss opportunities. These opportunities are what will keep Greensboro alive into the future, this opportunity will bring people to this place we all love, and will help support local businesses, shops, and summer rentals. I know I was one of the wide eyed kids wanting to run away with the Circus after each summer show, it was a gem hidden away in Greensboro, but I think the time is now to let it expand and grow.


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