October 8 Update on Town Water Pipe Replacement Project

On schedule and under budget!  Munson, the construction company working for the Fire District #1, will finish this week connecting all the Winnemere camps to the new water line.  The yellow temporary water lines will then disappear.  Munson will then repave those edges of Breezy Avenue and Wilson St. where they had to dig up to put in the new main. 

After the paving, Munson will put in the 1600 feet of pipe going out the south side of Breezy Ave. to the new fire station site at the Four Corners. The schedule then calls for installing pipe along Country Club Road and putting down new pipe out Black’s Point.  Redoing the roof of the reservoir and erecting a separate control building for the new well #4 will probably get done next spring.  The Town of Greensboro will pay for the spur out to the fire station site; all else is paid for by the water users under a 40 year loan agreement with the USDA.

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  1. Tod Mann
    Tod Mann says:

    Have just heard that Munson is tearing up Black’s Point to put in the water line, apparently going right through our property and cutting a large swath of trees. I know we probably can’t stop this, if we wanted
    to, but isn’t a property owner normally notified when this intrusion is imminent? At least I could have planned to be there.


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