Summer Children’s Swimming lessons cancelled

The long standing summer children’s swim program at the Public Beach on Caspian Lake has been cancelled for 2014.   Organizers in Hardwick and Greensboro have placed multiple advertisements and have reached out locally and via the web to find instructors for the program without success.   Qualified swimming instructors (or people willing to be trained in June) did not come forward.

The swimming programs have operated over a couple of weeks each summer for several decades for both Greensboro and Hardwick children.   Over the past 2 years, the program has been increasingly difficult to staff due to changes in training schedules and in organizations such as the Red Cross who have administered the programs in the past.   The Greensboro Association, who have been the sponsor of the Greensboro lessons, regrets that we have not been able to provide these lessons for 2014.    We welcome any thoughts or ideas on how we might approach this in future.

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