Lake Levels and the Caspian Lake Beach Dam


Several properties on Caspian this year have sustained significant ice and water damage from high lake levels. According to Vermont’s Agency of Natural Resources (ANR), Hardwick Electric Department (HED) is not responsible for managing water levels on Caspian by adjusting the dam at the beach despite their ownership of the beach and the dam. In a recent Hardwick Gazette article, Jeff Crocker, ANR’s stream flow protection coordinator, explained that in the 1990s, the dam was under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Board, and HED adjusted lake levels to “spur its hydro production downstream in Wolcott.” He added that the Caspian dam is not designed for flood control, nor would ANR approve of HED managing the water level of Caspian in response to rain, snow, and ice.

If you are interested in learning more about Vermont’s water laws and how they may impact your property, here is an informative reference:

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