Tent for Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency Approved for Town Hall Green, Summer 2016

At Greensboro’s Town Meeting in March, voters conducted a non-binding straw poll regarding the GAAR tent on the Town Hall Green. Through a show of hands, those in attendance indicated strong support for the Select Board to allow GAAR to erect its tent on the Town Hall Green for the 2016 summer season. The new theater under construction at Tolman Corner is currently scheduled for completion in 2017. At its March 23 meeting, the Select Board approved the tent for the 2016 summer season with the following conditions:

  • It will go up on June 15 and will be taken down by Labor Day.
  • GAAR will ensure the lawn is properly reseeded at the end of the season.
  • No balloons will be used.
  • Signage will be minimized.
  • GAAR may use the Collier Room in Town Hall, but it must be cleaned and ready for the conduct of any town business.
  • The Town Hall gym must be emptied at the end of the season.
  • Garbage and debris around the tent must be removed promptly.
  • The parking situation will be addressed with assistance from Hardwick Police Chief Aaron Cochran.
  • Props from completed shows will be removed from Town Hall as the season winds down to make it easier to prepare the building for the new school year.
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