The Hardwick Gazette: Contest Update

As many in our membership know, Ross Connelly, publisher of the Hardwick Gazette, put the paper up for sale through an essay contest this year.   The contest received national press coverage, including a poignant article in The New York Times earlier this month (

The contest needed a minimum number of entrants for it to be a viable solution for Mr. Connelly to hand over the reins of his paper, but unfortunately, it has not met that minimum.   The Hardwick Gazette is our area’s major source of news and information about local government, sporting events, schools, and more. It would be a serious loss to our community were it to shutter its doors.

Perhaps you are a journalist and have always dreamed of running your own shop. Or perhaps you are simply a community member who values the Gazette and its contributions to our corner of Vermont. Either way, please consider participating, even if it is without the intent of winning. Your submission could be as simple as letting Mr. Connelly know that you don’t want to be selected, but that you value the Gazette enough to participate in its future.

To participate, write your essay and submit with a check for $175 to:

Hardwick Gazette Essay Contest

PO Box 367

Hardwick, VT 05843

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    We need the Gazette. It is a valuable resource for our community. I think it is worth $175 to save the paper and I’ve submitted my non-entry. I hope you will do the same!


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